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Trofimenko Denis

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May 31 2004
>portageTool is ONLY for gentoo! I
> will never add any support for other

You shouldn't. If you provide an API description other people will write the plugins for your app.

> disto, because it makes no sense. If
> I want to make an easy installer for
> all distros I wouldn't name it
> "portageTool"

Yes I understand it. I'm going to write such system for Slackware(If I will do I'll make it as I described - plugins system). That will be basically the same thing, as yours(maybe - I don't know all features you want to include), but other distro. I just hate when two people do the same thing again and again but for different conditions. However, I am novice for Kommander and your app will be a good example and starting point for me, so waiting for new release from you :) - Jun 01 2004
No, please don't do it for deb or rpm only. Can you please implement those parts as plugins(all package managment operations), so it can be used for all distro's ? If yes, I maybe will try to write plugin for Slackware then. Plugins system will make your app to be used more widely. - Jun 01 2004