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Mar 30 2011
As a temporary solution, change screenlet's configuration in ~/.config/Screenlets/Lyrics/default/Lyrics1.ini file by adding line (or editing if already exists):
save_lyrics=True - Jan 25 2012
You must first allow saving lyrics on disk in properties, then it should be active and work for automatic saving of downloaded or manually created lyrics - Jan 25 2012
Try it with deadbeef-mpris-plugin. I downloaded one version from, but player failed to load it. - Oct 11 2011
You can do it in settings :( (by checking Use Tray Icon under Lyrics tab). But you can configure it also in config file - in ~/.config/Screenlets/Lyrics/default/Lyrics1.ini add option minimizeToTray=True (I hope that nothing has changed in newer version).

But I think this should be already fixed in some version, probably at I will try to merge both versions and keep it up to date here. - Sep 05 2011
here is an another version you can play with - May 24 2011
Yeah, skipping timestamp with 0:00 make it better. I'll look at searching again, but it must be another thing as missing filename separator, that's only my confusing logging output printing two paths in the same line - May 18 2011
That's easy fixes, here should be offset fixed in milliseconds and searching will be performed on metadata without accent I did small test and it seems that it helps sometimes, but I let it on you to perform better testing :) - May 16 2011
try this
Now I have limited testing ability cause I broke pygtk bindings :P, but it should finally work.
2) yes it sometimes behave weird, I can look at this later
3) I added support for offset tag some time ago, when I fix my pygtk issues I'll check it. But still, timing isn't accurate now on some players (it's max. +/- 1s). But it's possible to do it better - May 11 2011
Both problems should be fixed in this version
Let me know if I'm right - May 08 2011
Thanks for all bug reports and debugging, I was a little busy and now I'm a little sick. I will look at it soon. - Apr 27 2011
Hi, try option "Use Tray Icon", that should make the trick :) - Apr 27 2011
Yes I plan to do it, I just wanted to release it here first, wait some time to get feedback and if no serious bugs will be reported, then update it in launchpad. Now I have to merge some code that I forget and then I'll do it. - Apr 07 2011
sorry, I didn't look at it sooner, this should be better - Mar 27 2011
I make some beta version, you can try it and give me some feedback before releasing, if you want. Here it is - Mar 15 2011
both problems will be fixed in next version, it's already done but now I must finish some other things - Mar 04 2011
It will take some time to fix all issues :) I make version that should be better in finding lyrics on disk - ignoring case and accent sensitiveness (and I'm open to idea of fuzzy searching). Here it is There is also option for format of file to save, but I wouldn't change it in this version cause I plan to add conversion that will automatically rename already saved lyrics files in previous format to actually set, or something similar.

And back to the first reported problem, about how many songs with "no lyrics found" message must be played until it starts to be non-responsive? - Feb 13 2011
hehe, I cannot delete them either, so they will be there till end :P It always happens when you refresh page just after posting comment, I did it too.

Just one question, what version of gtk do you have ? I plan to update my system and probably than I would be able to fix that problem. - Feb 02 2011
Hi, thanks for info, I'll look at this closely in near time. Now I have only one question, how it is with a project universal applets, wasn't it mean to be a replacement of screenlets? Maybe you know more about it. - Jan 10 2011
what a nice compliment :D

but back to the suggestions, I also wanted saving lyrics into ID3 tags a long time ago, but I let it be cause there was more important issues at that time, and I didn't have such mp3 file with synchronized lyrics in it. Maybe one day ...

I did get more requests to use more lyrics sources, but which ones? Most players are looking for not synchronized lyrics and there is much more databases with this type. So my priority is to make it easy to create and upload sync lyrics. Now it somehow works but it's still not ideal. - Dec 05 2010
and would it be okey if there was only some predefined configurations, or would you like more configurable alternative ? - Dec 05 2010
more details please :) There is no better way to improve english, than using it. Do you want a save dialog window to specify destination and filename, or something different? - Nov 21 2010
Gnome developers have turned deprecation warning into errors. Check this version and let me know - Nov 17 2010
Is it screwed up in ID3 tags or in lyrics? In any case, give me title, artist and album on which this happens and I'll look at this - Nov 10 2010
thanx for reporting bugs, check out if this will fix all problems - Nov 08 2010
thanx, voting system changed to weird for me about month ago, but thanx :D - Aug 03 2010
How to upload lyrics to database?
- Use button with hardisk icon with green arrow. To create new lyrics, read notes

How to add lyrics source database?
- I don't know now about any other good source. If you know, give me some info and I can implement it

If your question was about something different, tell me more details - Jul 31 2010
I don't exactly know what you mean, but info about song is added only when lyrics first line doesn't starts from begining (0s). Sometimes people write this info into lyrics, so it can look different. And some lyrics doesn't fit cause the same song can have more versions or just someone did bad job. Thats why you can search for more lyrics and choose best for you (and save). - Apr 28 2010
it seems like not related to the lyrics screenlet, it's D-Bus problem. Also I noticed that you run it as root. When I run it as root, it also crash, but with different problem. But try it run as normal user. If it doesn't help, find something about dbus configuration and try to fix it. Or just update to new distro. Btw, what distro do you use ? - Apr 20 2010
I will need some info:
do you use proxy? with password? (I have some arrears here)
what music format files do you use? Is metadata set right?

Or give me output from terminal by running: python ~/.screenlets/Lyrics/
- Apr 19 2010
Yeah, Screenlets are old and unsupported, but still heavy used. Port to Universal Applets is possible step, but not enough requests came so far :P - Apr 12 2010
Now it's solved, but bug is in pycairo, not in screenlet - Apr 12 2010
I didn't have luck to install Screenlets package with Ubuntu 10.04 live cd. You must wait more time, till situation will be better - Apr 06 2010
AnotherFolderView Screenlet

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Jul 14 2010
So I tested several versions on Lucid Lynx with older ATI card with open-source drivers and Compiz as window manager and there was only one issue with motion blur (even when disabled) that caused flickering during animation. It was on all versions and in the next version it will be fixed. And opengl shader effects wasn't supported because of drivers, but this is expected.
I really don't know what can be the problem, if animation in 0.2.4 worked fine and it doesn't in higher. It just use two windows to avoid resizing and moving one window, that caused problem with positioning. I would like to see video of this behaviour. Seems like it is all relating, that positioning and two windows managing. What window manager do you use? Or try some changes in Appearance Preferences -> Visual Effects - Jul 21 2010
To my defence, it's not a bugs :P In the first issue it was simple implementation of updating icons and this one with 'keep above', I made it hard-coded cause I thought it will be right behavior. I can change it.

And Recordmydesktop works best for me of all apps that I tried so far, but for now when the biggest problem disappeared I don't need a video. - Jul 19 2010
and with version 0.2.4 it was only problem with changing positions ? Animations work fine there? I'm downloading Lucid Lynx now, but give me output from terminal cause I don't want spend too much time on finding out what's wrong, when it is possible that you have ATI or Intel graphic card with crappy driers. - Jul 13 2010
Can you or somebody else make video and send me it or post link? Cause I'm lost in these descriptions and don't know what exactly is the problem. - Jul 13 2010
try version 0.2.5 - Jul 12 2010
check version 0.2.5 and let me know - Jul 12 2010
I'm using the same technique for minimizing and maximizing that depends on screenlet position. I use it longer and also in LyricsScreenlet, so I know it's not problem of Lucid version, as it reported before it was released. It may be influenced by window manager or some bug in screenlets package that cause lose of screenlet configuration or by something else. For someone it works, for someone not. Maybe I add some debuging info in next release to get more info. - Jun 25 2010
cause version 0.2.4 solved many issues :D. And do you mean functions like copy/paste, drag&drop ? - Jun 25 2010
and why do you need sometimes turn off graphics drives, is there still a problem with some windows manager like compiz and graphics acceleration in other applications at the same time? Cause what I remember when I was trying to make graphics acceleration work on ATI card, this was a big issue. - Jun 25 2010
But now your output looks much better, like a new card should have :D Did you install different drivers or changed something different (maybe in window manager) ? This information could help to other ATI/AMD sad users.

Now we are about one step from working version for ATI. Try again updated beta
And what happened with textures problem with multiple screenlet instances, is it ok now ? - Jun 22 2010
try this updated beta version

btw, by your terminal output it seems like the shader effects doesn't work for you, even if your card is newer and better than mine. Can you confirm that tooltips on image files just show up without any effect ? - Jun 21 2010
yeah I noticed this several times, I must improve textures management. Each instance have it's own opengl context, but binding to this context is not performed well and then they can use or delete wrong textures. - Jun 21 2010
run it from terminal:
python ~/.screenlets/AnotherFolderView/

and send me the output and info about your graphic card and drivers if you know that - Jun 20 2010
My support can vary from day to day :P

1. I added text color option, now it should be fine
2. maybe later, this would need more work and now I must clear source code
3. icons of image files shouldn't be blank even in version 0.2.
If you don't have similar result as on video in screenlet's description, then it must be a problem and output from terminal would help me
4. yeah I known that, it wasn't priority for me, but now it's implemented as it wasn't much of work (thanx for Whise and his FolderView Screenlet)

And I must add another item to your list :), it's useless when there is many files in the folder - Jun 20 2010
try version 0.2.3, it should be finally working for you. And what graphic card and drivers do you have ? - Jun 20 2010
check the new version and let me know - Jun 19 2010
you both have x86_64 architecture and I already saw this segmentation fault error, but my testing possibilities are limited for x86_64 architecture. But in a next days I'll look at this - Jun 17 2010
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