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Jessy Landry Quebec, Canada
GDM Themes
Mac OS X SnowLeopard

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Aug 09 2009
Yeah, Thanks For Stealing My GDM And Trying To Make It Your Own - Aug 11 2009
Mac OS X Snow Leopard

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Aug 08 2009
Idk, I Know Its Copyright By Apple... But I Dont Really Know Under What Licence I Have To Put It (If Theres One For Stuff Like This ??).. Theres Too Many Options And I Had It Changed To GPL. Cause I'm Pretty Confused

[Either Ways..Its Not Like Apple Is Gonna Come Here And Claim The GDM Theme I Just Frikin Did >:| ] - Aug 08 2009
If You Guys Have Any Ideas Or Want To Request Something ...Ask Me - Jul 24 2009
3D Fox for Firefox 3

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Aug 11 2009
Wow..This Is Like...
Total Crap - Aug 07 2009

GTK2 Themes 6 comments

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Aug 08 2009
Wrong Section, Idiot. This Goes In Either GTK Themes
Metacity Themes
Compiz Themes - Aug 07 2009

GDM Themes 30 comments

by Dav87
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Aug 10 2009
Why Do People Always Have Some Kinda Spanish Or German Language On Their Computers When They Take Screencaps ??

Rofl XD - Aug 06 2009
Crunchy Branch - Plymouth & Usplash

Plymouth Themes 39 comments

by Spox5
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Jun 08 2010
Yh, Thats What I Did Before Posting My Comment.

And Also, It Was A Bit Hard To Compile =/ - Jul 26 2009
Both The Jaunty And Entrepid Links Are Dead Or Files Where Deleted

Please Re-Upload..

*~Thank You, DemonoidMaster~* - Jul 23 2009
Death Note Signature GDM

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Jul 19 2009
Yeah, Youre GDM Theme's Screen Size Wasnt Good On A 1280x800 Screen.... So I Had To Edit Your GDM Theme And Stuff For It To Look Good

PS: The "Death Note Page" (Where You Get Your Login Prompt) Was Too High And Big. So I Made It Smaller To Fit Inside The GDM Screen - Jul 23 2009

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Jul 08 2009
Idk Why, But Heres The Link Again

It Should Work - Jul 22 2009
Wow, This One Is Damn Fine ;)

-I'd Love To See Another One Like This..
But With Venom's Berserker Mutation (Big Ass Body, Multiple Heads..)-

[a href="" title="Picture"]Link Anchor Text[/a] - Jul 21 2009
The Fallen

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Jul 22 2009
Oh And I Forgot..

-My First GDM Theme - Jul 22 2009
Well.. I Hope You'll Make More Awesome GDM Themes... (And I Like This One.. But Can You Change The Buttons And The Passwd/Name Box ?? :P)

PS: If You Want To Make The Changes To This, Ask Me And I'll Try To Find (Or Make)

-Buttons For The Options
-Passwd/Name Box Picture

*Creations FTW!!* - Jul 22 2009
1- Should Have Used More Time To Make A Better Passwd/Name Box (Incl. The Buttons)

2- Grammar Fail, It's Transformers II... Not Transformer II (Note The "S" At The End)

3- Its A Ok GDM Theme... But Needs Improvement - Jul 21 2009
cool vista

Beryl/Emerald Themes 2 comments

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Jul 18 2009
Wow.. This Like.. Looks Nothing Like Vista At All

Wtf ?? - Jul 21 2009

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Jul 06 2009
Picture Is On The Wrong Side
(Picture Is Flipped, Should Be On The Left) - Jul 21 2009