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Craig Linke , Australia

Openbox Themes by demented-turtle 4 comments

Tint2 along the top, AWN on the left.
Conky on the bottom :) - Apr 16 2011
Plastic Dark

GTK2 Themes by ceebeebg 8 comments

Love your work!
Could you please share a link to that amazing icon theme as well?

Thanks! - Nov 12 2010
Light Blue Box

Window-Manager Screenshots by around-nothing 1 comment

I love the look of your screenshot,
could you please upload your openbox theme? - Oct 14 2010
Faenza Wolfe

Full Icon Themes by superwolfe2000 8 comments

silver folders... - Oct 14 2010

Openbox Themes by demented-turtle 4 comments


It sure is conky! I've uploaded my conkyrc in a .zip file here: - Sep 27 2010

Openbox Themes by demented-turtle 3 comments

The OpenBox theme only applies to the window manager itself, ie the title bar and window menu.
You need to use a dark grey GTK theme for the rest! I made the theme to match with Nokoda-Midnight GTK theme. You can get that by installing the nokoda engine in synaptic (Search gtk) as I did in Debian.

I hope that helps! - Jul 05 2010