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Sep 21 2019
And it's not the first time I install that slim one. I changed the char and ubuntu versions to 19.10 and so on. And I still don't find that path. To me it's like this: usr / share / slim / thems - Nov 08 2019
I installed ubuntu 18.04.3 as new and did not have that slim meneger installed so the command you wrote did not work it did not work from the first. I had to install that manager. The problem is that once I installed it slim without installing your document I gave it rebood and after loading instead of my screen login window appeared a black window where you saw nothing. I was able to enter when I entered the password. I would be very grateful if you could solve this problem or if you could tell me where I am wrong. - Nov 08 2019
I installed slim display manager and regardless of whether I install your theme or not when the login screen should appear, everything is black - Nov 08 2019
Can you tell us which Linux distribution works because I tried Ubuntu 18.04.3 and it doesn't work because of Slim. Or you could make a video explaining how you installed and it worked - Nov 08 2019