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Virtual Desktops Only On Primary

Kwin Scripts by wsdfhjxc 5 comments

Hi i didn't have your email on palemoon so i decided to send u the message here:

I'm so lost, i'm a colorfultabs user with palemoon & the text & close button went to the bottom form palemoon v28 to v29,
I tried your addon but it requires tab icons & their downloads, something i disabled cause oit gives me too much graphic needless
infos. So i changed this for the text:

.tab-text { text-align: left !important; padding-left: 5px !important; }
.tab-text { height: 26px; }

But i really don't know what to use for .tab-close
so it moves to 26px too.. sloightly upwards.. the tab-close button is actually still at the bottom of the tab.

it would be so kind of you if you could suggest me a working style line for this close button (( - Mar 04 2021