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Delba  Delba , United States of America

Wallpaper Other by EugenioP 9 comments

I thought they were shriveled up old lady cadaver titty nipples...or something. - Sep 29 2006
debian Angel

Wallpapers Debian by pdiablo 5 comments

...another boring screen of a useless airbrushed whore. - Aug 15 2006
Linux blue screen of death

Wallpaper Other by stonedbush 6 comments

It's bad.

That is why everyone is so mad.
If you don't know why it's bad,
then you are sad. Try something
more rad, or glad.

You will get a better score if it isn't such a bore. - Aug 10 2006
blackamp xmms

Karamba & Superkaramba by beany 3 comments

I've heard about those corrupt packages...the "uspost" doesn't have any control over what gets stuffed in your boxx. They don't operate at full capacity because a lot of carriers are XXXL. I never see them run unless chased by a dog.

- Aug 10 2006
glass amp xmms

Karamba & Superkaramba by beany 1 comment

Purty and sleek like a glass snake. - Aug 10 2006
Mozilla SeaMonkey Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by beany 4 comments

Do sea monkeys eat plantain? - Aug 10 2006

Wallpaper Other by ulbe 8 comments

Nardew is an idoit-dew stinking up the place with his doo-dew.

Your image is beautiful and sweet like a fine rich chocolate wrapped in shiny red foil. - Jul 19 2006
Gentoo Beauty Grub Theme

Bootsplash Various by slithy 6 comments

If you just made it for yourself then you
might want to keep it under your matress
with all the other cheap airbrushed fantasy
sluts you use to whack off with instead of
posting it here. - Jul 19 2006

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by ulbe 2 comments


Beany I think you are just a sucker for fatty cheeks. This image is conceptually superior however it is not so wonderful that it should call for a marriage proposal to a total stranger that you never even met...and besides, I bet there is some lovely-beautiful-sweet- lonely girl with fatty cheeks right under your nose that needs love and attention and wishes you would call her from Joes copies because her life is only complete when you are there to make her smile.

This graphic is good because it doesn't have any purple...but I am forced to rate it low because of the evil mind control it induces over others to display desires of matrimony among strangers...something Delba Jean is VERY much against! - Jul 18 2006
Dark Bronze

Kbfx Startmenu by subzero17 8 comments

I like it because Bronze is the new Black. - Jun 29 2006
Another Opera 9 Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by The-Error 7 comments

Is he yawning because his design is so boring or screaming because he is an M&M that had a sex change? - Jun 29 2006