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KDE 3.x Splash Screens 2 comments

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Jul 15 2002
The icons used are from KWhiteSplash for KDE, so I'm not the maintainer.

Credit is given in the readme files of the particular archives - the next splash installer will feature

automatic displayal of readmes on installation

option to install system-wide

option to backup the current splash

option to select splash archives from a pattern via -p "One *.tar.bz2"

recognizing of splash archives (those ending with *.tar *.tar.gz *.tgz *.tar.bz2 *.zip and containing at least one splash_.png)

display a (huge ;-) help screen

live well, chris - Jul 16 2002
Splash Installer

Various Stuff 6 comments

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Jul 15 2002
that is how I'm doing it now & I boldly claim to still have found that solution prior to your comment on my own ;-)

my version is slightly different



menu=$(eval "for i in $pattern; do echo \$i ; done")

cu - Jul 16 2002
one solution might be

exts=$(echo {tar,{tar.,t}{gz,bz2},zip})

echo $exts

but it is no true solution in that

echo *.$exts (logically) will not give
*.tar *.tar.gz *.tar.bz2 *.tgz *.tbz2 *.zip
(as I need it ;-), but
tar tar.gz tar.bz2 tgz tbz2 zip - Jul 15 2002
.. last question - thing that matters is, how do I perform brace expansion or pathname expansion after parameter expansion in a shell script - is there a way? if yes, which

come on, tell me ;-)

echo $exts correctly gives assigned string

but I want that assigned string to be brace expanded

live well, chris - Jul 15 2002
.. under way, but I need help:

consider something like this


will expand to a list:

now next thing I want to do is

chooseFrom=$(for i in *.$exts ; do echo $i | cut -d "." -f 1 ; done)

how do I get *.$exts word expanded properly, prior to putting it into the command substitution, if you try this now echo $i should put out e.g.


setting nullglob didn't work as expected as it throws out my word list prior to the command substitution somehow

I tried lots of stuff, read endless bash doc, but couldn't figure it out - I can however expand the list outside of command substitution statements

..confused? me too, please help

thanx in advance,

chris - Jul 15 2002
Another Shot

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Jul 14 2002
seems people don't like the according splash yet, though, suggestions ?

live well, chris - Jul 15 2002
they were supposed to make people wonder - actually they are an artifact which was carried all the way through from concept to the final release

the concept was to visualize the roadmap different from what it is now - I first thought about the developers cleaning up the mess (redbrown splines == mess) but that would have taken too many words in my mind to explain and I didn't want to clutter the whole image with that, as people may have disliked that :)

so then I went on to find some new words and finally settled on usability, versatility - of course they don't go together with that 'mess' down there, but I still thought keeping them would be nice to leave the image at a consistent feel (else it looks naked, believe *lol)

.. of course you might still want to interpret the versatility into those ....

have fun..

chris - Feb 12 2002
KMess Sounds

System Sounds 4 comments

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Jul 08 2002
fiesta los cospudos
(cospudener see ;-)

leipzig, saxony, germania

hope I'll see u at the next beach party *grin* - Jul 08 2002
...but I had to set my priorities to a different topic the past months ;-)

...we had to finish up a software project (with documentation, which took at least 60 percent of the time *argh*)

...and furthermore I have to admit that I spent the rest of my spare time at the nearby lake, since the weather was nice - Jul 08 2002
A Warm Welcome Wuzz

System Sounds 23 comments

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May 21 2002
-xkill: didn't really test that, my bet ;-(
I was thinking it just plays when you have that dead head destroying a window (with xkill) - if it's played whenever a window is closed, you can't use it, that's true *ashamed* (will think of something new)

-filenames: I will for sure in the final version, but for now - they should a) be just directions and b) there are different languages too, so I'll probably have to write a script or something to get that set up right for people who use German or French or whatsoever

-will take your rollup comment into account ;-) - also, I didn't modify rollup (the prior minimize sound) - that's a todo ;-)

-select is (hopefully) for future use, when programmers of Konqueror will handle selection changed events ;-) (dunno if that is already in KDE 3 !? - have to grab a copy, still)
-please don't have a hard time about feelings - after all I asked you for comments, and in the spirit of community we need complaints ;-) -- every development effort sooner or later needs critizm and suggestions (which cannot be too long), else if there is no feedback development innovation will fade..

the nutshell: you continue writing what I can do better, and I'll give my best to rip of spare time to get goin' ;-)

have a nice week

deepweep - May 22 2002
;-) aren't those cool ;-) - May 21 2002
I think there was a time when you could not upload tar.gz's or .bz2's on kde-look - I noticed that time has passed - but the original was zip, so I thought might as well keep that, since it is a quasi CROSS-platform standard - there are few systems where you don't have it (yeah I know, that's true for gz too meanwhile ;-)

the one thing: zip is rather dos crap - winzip wincrap and actually zip is a compression method me thinks

--> just words to make a big fuzz out of what was not meant to be one ;-)

--> anxious to get my hands on your samples ;-) - May 21 2002
seems they just infected the wallpaper section, yet *gg*

..incredibly dumb, those kinda people

please see


submission for more on this important topic - Feb 03 2002
Project 9 (MOSAIC)

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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May 18 2002
..but still very unique, isn't it *gg* - May 18 2002
orKidia v3

Wallpaper Other 17 comments

by luci
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Mar 28 2002
really good stuff, I'm impressed ;-)

keep going - Mar 21 2002
Mar de Colores

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

by dnlr
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Feb 18 2002
for providing a sane sized preview *pride of 56k* *ergh*

(just one hint - dittering to 256 web color would make it even faster - the prev *being-a-smarty* ;-)

the image looks interesting, but I wouldn't wanna use it as a background (hey it's just me *gg*)

it reminds me somewhat of a pic for testing on colorblindness - pretty strange, but worked out nice

c ya

chris - Feb 16 2002
One Shot

Wallpaper Other 7 comments

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Feb 11 2002
but it may take a while (am busy with other stuff) ;-)


chris - Feb 12 2002

Wallpaper Other 16 comments

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Feb 11 2002
from top to bottom a,b,c *gg*

I'll look for a tut *gg*

..think I still got something on a self-compiled cd (don't know yet, I'll take a look)

--> shouldn't be to large to send it by mail

--> might take a while though (got exams I've to prepare for on the 20th and 22nd of Feb)

--> ..and first I think, I'm gonna do the include, I'll keep you posted... - Feb 11 2002
and b up there is pretty good, concerning color, I think.. - Feb 10 2002
for supplying the original subtext (suppose I would have wanted it removed, too - yeah - I know *gg*)

as for the include file - you got me started.

actually something like a Q shouldn't be that hard to do (take a #while, some rotates and then cos and sin in translate, wait then minutes, stir it up lightly and taste before serving)
for a D though one should be satisfied with a clipping shape... - Feb 10 2002
i like it - sad though I never got to see the subtext *shoot*

did you place every gear by hand or did you have some directives in povray place 'em for you? That'd be interesting to have one include file which could do the job on any string/with different objects and all

your opinion? - Feb 09 2002
Aki Ross

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

by tinb
Score 75.5%
Feb 10 2002
.. - Feb 11 2002
dark networK

Wallpaper Other 17 comments

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Feb 08 2002
to login, .. that one was mine *lol* - Feb 08 2002
Design Series

Wallpaper Other 15 comments

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Feb 02 2002
please all u users see the


submission and sign it

i am not willing to go on, if there are trolls with unconstructive criticism and the inner need to tear everything down here instead of helping out to brighten this site

fellow people already left, removing their bookmark to the site :((

if not soon something will happen, I'll stop submitting things, too
(and if that is not, what those people want??)

it's a shame...

if n - Feb 03 2002
use am as a login, if u find them useful ...

i'm still considering different colors and/or textures...

... got up this morning and suddenly had a vision (blahblah) no, I can see now why one would not want a reddish backgr - Feb 03 2002
please keep voting people,

if trolls are voting multiple times, why cant u? for the plus side,

but no, don' do it - would be as stupid to fight fire with oil

point is, you shouldn't depend your download on the votes the images got so far but rather on how U like the preview - Feb 03 2002
interesting interpretation you have, concerning that it is just a quartic polynom rendered here ;-)

took the cold shower yet? *gg*

chris - Feb 03 2002
used povray, and fiddled for hours with quartic polynoms *grin*

--> about the red color (obviously I like it):

one could easily change that, just use gimp and and change the hue of the image :-)

.. I'm thinking about new renders though, with new colors, also tried textures, but I didn't like the outcome :(

good for now
c ya - Feb 02 2002
on LCDs it might be better to decrease the color depth to 16bits intead of 24 - I experienced some difficulties there

note on gamma:

if you get to see a sharp cut in the b-like shape from the design image (it suddenly falls to black, although it should slowly gradient into the dark) then you might want to gamma correct the image, try 0.9 then 0.8 ... you'll figure things out, even if you're unexperienced ;-)
this is hard to fix (have to retouch), due to the quartic polynom, I used. the other images shouldn't have such pitfalls. - Feb 02 2002
Galaxies Around Midnight

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Dec 04 2001
Why don't the kde-look people disable that an artist can vote for her/himself? - That's pretty ugly. - Dec 20 2001
a higher resolution version will follow - my machine is currently calculating the stuff, but it's awful slow, so that you can expect it maybe a day from now...

well, I wanted it to be somewhat mystic, still I guess you are right: if you like light desktops you would not want a dark image as wallpaper

think there is more demand for bright stuff? - I could concentrate on that for a next project.... - Dec 05 2001
Got the kool?

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Dec 15 2001
read my comments on limitation of file sizes yet? - probably not - else you would not have written this ; imagine I'd all pack 'em up == huge file ; people may not want to download a huge file - especially if you don't need all resolutions and are still on 56k, like me ;)

besides that if I can't even upload 1.088 kb at one time, how am I gonna put up 3, 4 or 5 mb - or do you want crappy jpg?)

ok, maybe people at kde-look change their minds - then they should reorganize the wallpaper area, too, shouldn't they - else you go to 800x600 section, wonder where the good stuff is gone although there are 800x600 version in those huge zipfiles at 1600x1200 section)

i agree with you in one point - you could easily blend out pictures with the same name 'got the look?' for example to not be on the same page twice - which happens quite often on the 'latest' page

and another thing - i'd always upload the same preview for every single resolution - there's no way to link to a previously uploaded preview - that's what I'm fed up with ;) - Dec 16 2001
Polar Ice

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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Dec 15 2001
for higher resolutioned versions - please take the 800x600 version and upscale it --- i tried up to 1600x1200 - it still looks fine (well, almost) --- don't take this one as it is already upscaled ; upscaling is not that bad, as you might know already u won't see any jpg artifacts, since it is and was lossless png from ground to start ;)
make sure you use cubic resampling though (in gimp choose file-preferences then environment and set scaling-interpolation to cubic)

already got your christmas presents? - Dec 15 2001
Got the look?

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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Dec 15 2001
as i didn't get any help, i decided to find out myself, why i couldn't upload my former images - they were as it turns out now, too big. So this is not the best it can get - please mail me if you need the big size high quality png version roughly 1.6 mb ;) - this is also an png but I reduced colors in it, so in the upper right corner you may notice some pitfalls

take care, chris - Dec 15 2001
Got the look?

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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Dec 16 2001
first thing: it's only jpg quality ; either the file size or the upload time on must be limited else I don't have any explanation why I can't upload the png image - which is 1.088 kb in size - I will try to lower the colors in the image to get a png compressed image uploaded here ; after numerous efforts I made in contacting people asking them why uploading a file quits on me (see 800x600 version), I tried with a small sized, lossy jpg and guess what - it worked, as you can see here

second thing: cause of the reasons given, I won't be able and am not willing to put up higher resolutioned versions, as I think high quality graphics need to be compressed with a high quality standard (aka png) -maybe I'll lower the amount of colors in all versions, but that sucks, people. I encourage you to make an effort towards being able to upload at least wallpapers which are 3 mb in size (which is reached fast - just take a picture with many colors at 1600x1200)

if there aren't any disk quotas, then it must be the upload time my 56k modem takes - please write comments I might be totally wrong about that - I'm kind of lost

CU chris - Dec 15 2001
Got the look?

Wallpaper Other 10 comments

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Dec 15 2001
it was caused by a bug explained in the next comment :) - Dec 12 2001
i have them here, they are literally in my hands, i tried three times uploading the 1024, 1280, 1600 versions again, now - after already having tried three times last night - yes, indeed i'm somewhat pissed of - also don't see any sense in mailing to since they didn't reply to my last mail yet :(

sorry, but for now, people with higher resolutions will just have to wait :(

only thing i haven't tried is another browser yet (but why should i, since the other uploads worked perfectly)

any of you who experienced those problems before?

problem: i would type in all the required fields & upload slots, click upload, then it's uploading - after taking huge amounts of my precious online time (hey, i'm still on 56k) it quits on me, saying i have not filled in all required fields


ps: already tried after finding out about the less than bug - still doesn't work - Dec 12 2001
hey, people of, just discovered a bug in your php code:

if you type in a 'less than' somewhere in the description it cuts away the rest of the text without telling you - did not try escaping it with backslashes yet

CU chris - Dec 12 2001
(this didn't fit in the description field anymore)

Tell me if the KDE or the - Dec 12 2001