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Stefan Nitsche , Sweden

DockbarX Themes by aleksey 134 comments

This looks really good so far and of course I have some requests. As the other has mentioned a little less transparency for the minimized apps would make it better.

But my number one request must be the launchers. Thats what really makes the Windows 7 taskbar great. If you can implement this you'll be my personal hero. :) (After that we just need a systray that has the option to not scale the icons and show them on rows instead.) - Feb 03 2009

GTK2 Themes by kpolice 14 comments

Have I missunderstod something or shouldn't my panel change into that nice dark color you have in your screenshot? Mine doesn't so I'm wondering if it's by design or if I should start troubleshooting my Gnome install. - Mar 03 2007

Metacity Themes by LostProcess 7 comments

I like it. :) But when the close button is singled out it looks bad. Any chance you could make it perfect? ;)

By the way, what GTK-theme are you using? It seems to work very well with the Tange icon theme. - Nov 26 2005
Clear Desktop Theme

GTK2 Themes by ericbobbitt 3 comments

Are you planning on making the theme flat, like it seemed in the mockup you've made? Personaly I think that would be better. Either way it's really pleasant to rest your eyes on. Two thumbs up! :) - Jan 12 2005

DockbarX Themes
by aleksey

Feb 07 2009