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Nov 15 2010
I'll have a look asap.
But this will not before X-mas!

Just had a quick look at the stack trace and it looks like no python is involved.

This leads me to the assumption, that the issue is within the c++ libs.
But maybe I use some API wrong.

We will see.


Tom - Dec 14 2010

I can make this a configurable alternative view.


CU Tom - Nov 05 2010

thanks alot!
Nice idea!

I'll have a look at it asap.


Tom - Nov 04 2010
This is exactly the issue, that I describe in my first (self)-comment.

It is necessary to perform the ping operation in a separate thread.
This is where I have issues at the moment.

Take care,

Tom - Apr 13 2010

I'll add this.

THX Tom - Apr 13 2010
Good to know you like it!

I was working on a version using thread(s) to ping the server.
But there are issues at the moment using threads in Python+Plasma.

I will re-investigate soon .....

Further feature requests are always welcome.

Take care,

Tom - Apr 13 2010
... in case one server is not online, pinging takes too long to return (quite natural) and during that time the whole Plasma freezes for some time.

Too bad!

Pinging the servers need to be done in a separate thread to keep plasma responsive.

Stay tuned for the next version.

Take care,
DD - Dec 30 2009