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KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes
Alloy (KDE 3.2)

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by ceebx
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Sep 06 2004
Just a welcome to Sandro as the new maintainer of Alloy. Have fun! :) - Feb 07 2004

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes 138 comments

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Jul 30 2003
prefix should be whatever $KDEDIR is set to, ie the root of where KDE is installed. I'm not sure what that is under Mandrake, perhaps /opt/kde3 or similar. - Jan 27 2004
The install prefix is defaulting to /usr/local/kde.

Try installing using ./configure --prefix=/usr - Aug 05 2003
Yup, the annoying thing is that here the ui files are identical from both designer 3.1 and 3.2, except for the version. - Jul 30 2003
Did you try building with --enable-final? Try passing --disable-final to configure. - Jul 29 2003
Try changing the version in alloy-0.4.1/alloyclient/config/configdialog.ui from 3.2 to 3.1. - Jul 29 2003
Hi Everyone,

I thought I'd better explain a bit about the status of the Alloy style as I see it, and where I personally am interested in taking it. So here goes.... ;p

As of 0.4.1, I feel happy that the style can now stand on it's own, as a fairly good likeness of INCORS Alloy Look&Feel. The goal is still to clone the Alloy L&F, and to that end I would like to (within reason) deviate from their design as little as possible. So to those people who request features that don't fit with that goal, please don't be offended if I ignore you.

Several people have questioned whether Alloy could become part of KDE cvs. Personally I'm not interested in undertaking what that involves. In regards to this, if there is anyone who feels they have the skills and motivation to investigate and commit to to such an endeavor, I would be happy for them to take over as maintainer of Alloy.

Otherwise, there are still numerous things in the TODO (and in my head) to be done, and more polishing work on various widgets is always needed. I'll continue to work on them as I get time, however I can make no promises as to when and how often that will be. As always, anyone is welcome to contribute - just email me dbrownees(at)

Once again, thankyou to Simone for creating KAlloy. And also, big thanks to Sandro for creating the KWin deco :)


Daniel. - Jul 29 2003
This isn't fixed in 0.4.1 sorry, as it isn't as simple as I thought. I'll try to get it for the next version. - Jul 29 2003
Thanks for the comment Simone. I did send an email to INCORS asking for their comments, however as yet I haven't had any reply (sent a week ago). - Jul 29 2003
You need the kde development packages installed, kdelibs3-devel is the SuSE one I think. - Jul 19 2003
Hmm, I don't think I can help you sorry - menu transparency is handled by KStyle and Alloy simply states whether or not it wants it used. As Alloy is requesting it be used, I've no idea why it doesn't work if it does with other styles. - Jul 04 2003
What version of kde/qt are you using? And does it work with other styles? - Jul 04 2003
AFAIK PIC is now the default for xfree86 4.3 in debian, so xlibs-pic (and also that file file) no longer exist.

I've no idea how to fix you problem :), however if you email me (dbrownlees at I'd be happy to help you look into it further. - Jul 02 2003
Hmm, thanks for pointing that out. I'll fix it for 0.4.1....(bugfix only release). - Jul 02 2003
You can configure scrollbar colours using alloystylerc - see the README :)

The mouseover on menubar items is a Bug (tm). I was playing with it for 0.4, and it seems like I didn't pay enough attention... :)

A quick fix for this is to change alloystyle.cpp line 1177 from
QColor color(active ? group.highlightedText() : group.buttonText());
QColor color(group.buttonText());

The gradient on mouseover is broken too, however that's more complex - I'll be releasing 0.4.1 shortly to fix this and any other minor bugs. - Jul 02 2003
./configure --prefix=~/.kde
make install
should put everything in the correct place if you wish to install to your home dir. and should end up in lib/kde3/ and alloy.desktop in share/apps/kwin. - Jul 01 2003
Please see my reply to a similar question about colours above. I'll include the scheme in the next version.

The wallpaper is from - Jul 01 2003
[Color Scheme]

and ~/.qt/alloystylerc:
primaryColor=#93add1 - Jun 30 2003
Ok, after browsing around for a while I finally managed to reproduce the crash. As far as I can tell, the fix that I detailed above (change toolbar to parent) seems to solve the problem.

tvon, can you confirm this? - Jun 10 2003
Hmm, does it still crash if you remove the "Location:" label from konq's location bar? (Use Settings/Configure Toolbars)

Could you also try changing lines 1905 & 1909 (alloy 0.3) from

If that doesn't fix it, then it's probably easier to continue via email - dbrownlees at if possible. - Jun 10 2003
What versions of QT/KDE have you got? If you have QT earlier than 3.1.1, could you please try upgrading QT?

If that doesn't work, then could you please compile Alloy with debugging enabled (--enable-debug=full) so the backtrace is a bit more useful. If you're up to compiling QT with debugging on too, that would be even better.

Has anyone else seen this? - Jun 07 2003
Yeah, that's the goal (in the far far distance, probably just over the horizon, never to quite be reached, but I'll try :). I've been using the WebStart demo available from that page as a reference lately.

The last two releases (0.2 & 0.3) have been primarily to fix the bugs from 0.1 (+ a few little features because I was bored). From now on I (and anyone else who's interested in helping btw) will hopefully be focusing on getting the style closer to the 'real' Alloy.

Credit at the moment must go to Simone Rota (sip, Alloy 0.1) for bringing this style to KDE, David Johnson for his sparkly clean Qinx code, and of course INCORS for creating Alloy :) - Jun 04 2003
If you send me a screenshot (dbrownlees at detailing what you don't like and even any suggested improvements, I'd be happy to look at changing things a bit (provided I agree with you of course ;-) - Jun 03 2003
A quick fix (not well tested) is to insert the following in alloy.cpp, line 1476:

painter->fillRect(rect, group.background()); - May 28 2003
Nimbus Sans - May 28 2003
First of all I'd look at the korn source to find out exactly what that _is_ that isn't getting drawn correctly. At a guess, I'd say it is an AlloyRect drawn over a slightly too large background, but what's causing that I have no idea :). I'll add it to the TODO. - May 27 2003
The QT program has to use at least QT3 and be willing to load style plugins. It could be that the programs are QT2 or ignore custom styles. If qtconfig can find the plugin the it's probably installed correctly. - May 27 2003
It depends on your distribution - however I find a good clean way to install kde stuff is to /usr/local and add 'prefixes=/usr/local' under [Directories] in my system.kdeglobals (under /etc/kde3/ in Debian. No idea about other distros). - May 27 2003
Button size is now on my TODO :)

Could you please explain further what you mean by colourize the menu bar in another scheme?

About stretching the gradient over several toolbars, AFAIK noone has yet figured out how to do it cleanly. - May 27 2003
HOWTO: KWin Window Manager Decorations

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 17 comments

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Jul 25 2004
The QT docs do a pretty good job of explaining styles under QT3 (and also KDE3, KStyle now being only a relatively thin wrapper over QStyle).

The Style Overview (in the qt docs) gives a brief tutorial, and the QStyle reference details pretty much everything else (except dealing with KDE oddities, like kde toolbar widgets - other styles are a good place to look for how to deal with them). - Jun 04 2003