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Jason Smith
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Hemoglobinus 1.3

GTK2 Themes 42 comments

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Sep 15 2008
This theme is a really good start and has potential to be a lovely and wildly different theme. Currently it has serious contrast issues that make it difficult if not impossible to be productive with. Overall contrast needs to be improved before this can seriously be considered... - May 03 2008
elementary Icons

Full Icon Themes 330 comments

Score 82.0%
Apr 09 2010
Looking good my friend. Love what you're doing, and the donation thing is ok in my book too =) Keep up the great work. - Mar 17 2008
Are the svg sources for mimetypes available? I would like to create properly scaling mimetypes for some apps that dont scale icons properly (read evolution). Of course scaling a PNG is never quite as nice as scaling the svg's. - Jan 29 2008
I am very sorry for all the comment spam... Anyhow. To fix the icon, to be honest I dont know enough about svg's to make it pretty again, but if you delete the layer that provides the red and blue boxes the crash is fixed. If I run across any other icons providing the same issues I will let you know. - Jan 29 2008
I can reproduce the crash with a test case using rsvg-view. When the icon hits a certain minimum size, it gets a floating point error and dies horribly. I will look into fixing it and giving you a "fixed" icon back. - Jan 29 2008
I have not gone through the other persons crashes yet, but mine are caused by the evolution.svg file. The current version of librsvg in Ubuntu 7.10 does not like this when scaled to certain sizes (I guess). Removing or renaming the file sufficiently fixes the crash and allows a sane fallback. - Jan 28 2008
I believe this issue, in fact I am almost certain now, that the issue with librsvg and certain svg's. A full PNG version of the theme would fix the issue... I dont know which icon causes it... - Jan 28 2008
all I know is it gives a floating point error and segfaults. I am betting the issue is with one of the svg's. - Jan 26 2008
This theme will also cause evolution first run to crash. As well as when sending mail and a couple other assorted crashes. Something is horribly wrong with this... - Jan 25 2008
CrashBit (Fedora/Ubuntu)

Full Icon Themes 98 comments

Score 63.3%
Sep 06 2008
Forgot to mention that the 22x22 icons seem to be screwed up something awful right now. They are causing some things to be abnormally stretched - Jan 16 2008
wedderburn, are you able to point out which icons in particular are in violation? Especially the GPL ones. It would be really helpful to all =) - Jan 16 2008

GTK2 Themes 23 comments

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Feb 01 2008
One more, it should allow for 24 px panels - Dec 26 2007
I like this theme a lot but think it needs more polish. It does have a couple weird issues.

-- It causes Gimmie to lose its icons
-- The menu bar is oddly balanced (the words are closer to the top than on center)
-- The menu bar produces no highlights when clicked

Other than that, I think this is one of the more beautiful themes =) - Dec 26 2007
Aurora Gtk Engine

GTK2 Themes 347 comments

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Jan 03 2009
Theme Bugs: (based on observations using Aurora-Looks)

- Epiphany URL Bar has weird top corners
- Nautilus search bar has awkward background

- Vertical scrollbars can look a bit crowded with three horizontal lines if the handle is at its smallest size

- Evolutions colors are kinda funky in your themes with unfocused, highlighted items

- Arrow size of 1 is a bit large dont you think?

- The whole theme is gorgeous =)

- The whole thing is beautiful - Oct 03 2007

GTK2 Themes 34 comments

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Jun 13 2007
Hey darkmatter,

I know you have mentioned you have been busy and I don't want to bother you too much. I was wondering if you had any updates to Glory (full) or if it is still on hold. I would have offered to help maintain and update simplex but it is not an open license and I wouldn't want to disrespect your licensing. Anyhow if you can get back to us (and maybe even give us some good updates) it would be great =) - Sep 06 2007
are you still working on glory? I am really looking forward to its final release =) - Jul 29 2007
Desktop, August

Gnome Screenshots 4 comments

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Aug 31 2007
it just doesnt seem like the standard applet at all I guess... I rather like it like that, I think I will make mine like that too - Sep 03 2007
what panel applet is that in the 3rd screenshot? - Sep 02 2007
baby blue

Gnome Screenshots 9 comments

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May 22 2007
What font exactly are you using? - May 21 2007
Murrine Improvements?

Various Gnome Stuff 52 comments

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Oct 26 2006
the new engine is great cimi, though tabs in windows are still very flat. I didn't think this until I saw the new firefox which in all its memory hogging has some fantastic looking tabs. Those would go great with the murrine engine look I think. Check it out. =) - Oct 25 2006
LiNsta 3 (Linux is Not Vista)

GTK2 Themes 96 comments

Score 47.5%
Aug 23 2006
how did you fix the issue with firefox and open office? - Sep 15 2006
Scaled Black Mod

Compiz Themes 19 comments

by DBO
Score 50.0%
Sep 07 2006

its available there. I dont want to upload it here because its not ready - Sep 11 2006
Use the blur plugin with transparency blur enabled and urxvt with true transparency and the alpha channel set at aaaa. - Sep 07 2006
Uhhhhm... a text... editor if thats what you are asking. I just kinda played with the values and guessed and futzed with it, and constantly reloaded it until I liked it and my computer screamed. I used MurrinaGraphite as a base, because hey, it rocks. - Sep 07 2006