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Davi Souza
Aerial port for gnome

GTK2 Themes 9 comments

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Feb 13 2008
Now it works fine. Thank you very much, it is realy a nice work. - Feb 13 2008
By the image, the theme is just fantastic, but it does not work for me - the buttons and other visual details look weird, in the Windows and also on the panel.

It seens like I am using the wrong GTK engine. Any hint on how to solve it?
- Feb 13 2008
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Jan 21 2008
Temperatures do not work here (Gutsy), unfortunately. - Dec 06 2007
ATER MPlayer skin

SMPlayer/MPlayer 29 comments

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Jun 28 2006
Hey man, it is just the best theme for mPlayer that I've ever seen. Congratulations for you great job.

By the way, arenĀ“t you going to do versions with other display colors, as you did for your Ater XMMS theme? - Dec 04 2007