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Hi gg3po. I am an admin at Wikipedia (although mostly retired), and a user there brought this to my attention. I know how you feel, people have "stolen" images from me too. I am sorry that we messed this up over at Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. We are now correcting the author information on your broom images at Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.

It will take some time before we have updated all of them, since your broom image is reused in so many other images there. (It is a very nice image!) For more on that see the discussion over at:

By the way: Booyabazooka never claimed to be the author of that image, he just uploaded it to Commons and then someone else later changed the description so it looked like he was the author. So it was a misunderstanding.

Oh, and I see that you uploaded the image as an svg here. But over at Wikipedia we first received this image as a png, and the other users think that then Booyabazooka made an svg version of it. I see that the svg version at Wikipedia differs slightly from the svg version here. Could you take a look at the Wikipedia svg and tell us if that is your old svg version, or in fact is a remake by Booyabazooka? (But it still is very much your design.) The best is if you respond over at Wikipedia, see the link above.
- Jan 04 2011