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Davide Sandona' , Italy
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Public IP Address widget

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1 day ago
Update button added, thanks for the suggestion! :) - 2 days ago
That's strange, since texts are using theme colors. Btw, I'm also using Breeze Dark and I see them clearly. Anyway, I'll add the possibility to chose custom colors. Hang tight. - May 25 2020
Shutdown or Switch

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Feb 04 2019
Hello, unfortunately I don't have enough free time to go through this widget again. I consider its development stalled. Anyway, you may want to check the widget "Lock/Logout", maybe it does have the feature you are looking for. - 2 days ago

Kvantum 3 comments

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Sep 23 2019
Thank you! :) - Sep 30 2019
Chili Clock

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Jun 23 2019
I have a problem: it seems like the horizontal spacing is not enough to display the entire date. It doesn't matter what date format I chose, the last digit always get cut in the middle.... Would it be possible to add the option to display time first and date later? Also, to use a custom separator? - Aug 12 2019
Score 60.0%
Feb 17 2019
Thank you!!! Very much appreciated!!! - Aug 07 2019
Score 60.0%
10   Aug 07 2019
Thank you!!! Very much appreciated!!!