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Deb10 Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes 7 comments

Score 72.5%
May 22 2018
10 the best - May 19 2020
Thank you for this excellent boot splash. I get a bit of joy with every power cycle. - May 19 2020

GTK3 Themes 28 comments

Score 75.0%
May 12 2020
Oh and check out SparkyLinux. Not only a great minimal Debian live distro, but they have CDE in the repositories which inspired this project. - May 07 2020
Okay. Well, I'll do one or two by hand and if I can automate the process, I will. - May 06 2020
Thanks. Woo boy that's a lot of combinations. It's a big job and I don't want to sacrifice quality for quantity. I wouldn't mind doing a couple by hand though as I saw a blue one that I liked. Do you have any particular favorites? - May 06 2020
Yes, shout out to dexter1 on the irixnet forums. I had no luck with the docker instructions but got it working in MAME, which is a new development indeed. First thing I did was painstakingly extract the wallpapers. Figured someone already had the color palettes just wasn't sure if what was available was authentic. Send them my way when you get a chance davem82 at yandex com. - May 05 2020
The Ichago theme which mine is based on comes with dynamic wm borders for Metacity, if you're into that. Also, there's a neat theme builder utility I've seen bundled with Redmond97 which is the way to do it. There's always gnome-color-chooser and check out Oomox if you want to go ham on your GTK3 theme. Don't forget qt5-style-plugins for automatic QT conversion. - May 05 2020
The default gray and gold is quite lovely though. It's pretty easy to touch up the pixmaps with your own color and do a quickie find and replace in the gtkrc. Just digging up the color schemes is a bit of a job as IRIX emulation is super slow. Meh. I'll probably end up doing it... - May 05 2020
Pretty happy with this I gotta say. the trick with the xfce panel is to skin the background and make your button logo transparent. Happy trails! - May 05 2020
hmm maybe swapping out the window manager for icewm or fvwm95 which include a panel might do the trick here.. - May 05 2020
..been reworking the panel. Xfce 4.14 supports locking all the icons to say, 16x16 but where to find pixel art tray icons to complete the look? That part is for you guys to tinker with or you can ditch it all together and go back to minimizing to the desktop. - May 05 2020
I share your sentiment. Why is color selection such a chore in linux? What I miss most from mwm guis is pressable button style titlebars as trivial as that sounds. It's got that tactile look and feel you don't get with xfwm. Could you suggest a wm with that and a good ui? - May 04 2020
Hold on to your butts. - May 04 2020
YOU CAN DO IT. - May 03 2020
Not familiar with Mate but you should be able to right click the file>set as desktop background. - Apr 25 2020
For lack of a better word. ;D - Apr 02 2020
Win3x Enhanced

GTK3 Themes 36 comments

Score 76.0%
Jul 12 2019
Thanks. I just finished my first theme and wanted to automate the color schemes. This theme builder looks like the right tool. Would you have any pointers or a resource to get started? - May 06 2020
Great theme/builder! How do you remove the 3D effect on toolbar buttons like in Cinnamon3D? - Apr 21 2020
Deb10 Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes
by maurom

Score 72.5%
May 19 2020
Deb10 Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes
by maurom

Score 72.5%
10   May 19 2020
10 the best