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Openbox Themes 10 comments

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Jan 29 2013

Yes you don't need to place a tar in an zip, that's placing an archive in an archive, there's no need for it... Pick one or the other, put things in a zip, or place them in a tar, but not both.

So in the future all you have to do is place what you want in a folder and then run those two commands to create a tar.gz that I showed you.

OpenBox is all I run as my standalone DE, I don't run or use anything else.

Have at look at, the first screenshot top left from Slackware 14.0 that's mine;

Here's a new screenshot, I've made some changes to Conky;

Of course on some Distros more geared towards new users they'll package the themes into a .deb .rpm package to install, but the correct OpenBox method is to simply unpack the theme out of a tar someone downloads online like yours, and then you use Obconf to install the theme.

Or for people that know, all you have to do is copy the theme directory to your HOME ~/.themes directory.

Cheers - Jan 31 2013
The Thinking on Imagine FlatCarbon isn't really so correct. What color do you think is associated with Carbon?

The Menu should have a Grey/Black color not white and then for the Imagine FlatSuperwhite you give it a black Menu when the name of the theme is white, this should have a white menu.

These two you have backwards, should change them. :)

CHEERS - Jan 30 2013
Oh I didn't even open it before commenting.

You placed a tar in a zip...

You don't do that, just place everything in the tar next time... ;)

- Jan 30 2013
Well I must say this is a first, a tar zipped up hehe...

A Zip is an Archive Format so is a Tar, you use one or the other, you don't combine both...

Linux/Unix systems typically use tar formats over Zip.

If you're going to make a Tar Gunzip run the commands like this;

The below command is -c and two v v not a w

tar -cvvf folder.tar folder
gzip folder.tar

Now you have created folder.tar.gz

CHEERS - Jan 30 2013
Really nice themes, great to see people are still working to make themes for OpenBox!

But I don't run a RPM or Debian based distro and for others that don't too, you should have the themes in a Tar file.

Please make a tar file.

THANKS - Jan 28 2013

Openbox Themes 1 comment

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Feb 10 2012
Nice looking, by the way what File Manger is that?

THANKS - Feb 23 2012

Enlightenment Themes 2 comments

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May 01 2011
This is just what the E community needs, more non-branded themes...

I hope you will PLEASE continue to make some more non-branded themes...

THANKS - Sep 07 2011

Enlightenment Themes 8 comments

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Mar 08 2015

Your work is really nice but it would really be great if you could please just make them unbranded without any names attached to it...

Not everyone that uses E is going to use the distro that you are always branding the themes to.

I use Arch and Slackware, Arch is just a testing box, Slackware is the distro I use...

In 11 years of Linux I don't need to have wallpapers with my distro name on it and I'm sure many people don't really care to either. It's just a novelty that wears off after time and then you end up using other wallpapers, etc...

So I truly would appreciate it for the future, can you please just make all your themes not branded?

I really don't think anyoe is going to care and in fact it's going to make it more flexible for people to use....

So what do you say? PLEASE! :)

THANKS - Sep 07 2011

Enlightenment Themes 7 comments

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Apr 08 2013
This looks nice but not running on the latest e17 anymore... :(

e17 didn't recognize it as a theme when I tried to load it... - Apr 08 2011

Enlightenment Themes 5 comments

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Mar 08 2011
Forgot to mention, it's not just wallpapers that are the problems but the logos used in various places in a theme also, which means quite a bit of theme hacking, not so easy so the inexperienced...


- Mar 12 2011
It's great to see a distro like Bodhi help to bring E out of the dark, but let's still remember everyone that this is, not specific to any distro...

And the problem still is, that E isn't popular so trying to find new themes that are now, not being made distro specfic like this isn't easy.

Sure you can load your own wallpaper over this, but let's be honest, sometimes trying to find a color that matches a particular theme is not always so easy.

So please consider those of us that don't use the distro you are making a theme for and please just make a nice generic cool looking E wallpaper that everyone can enjoy.

Don't get me wrong this is really great to see and you did nice work, it's just such a shame to limit to only Bodhi as many newer users might feel that aren't comfortable hacking themes or having hard time trying to get a wallpaper to match, but some of the themes I have hacked open have the wallpapers in them without the logos, as a generic alternative to use...


PLEASE let's see generic E themes for the betterment of E for everyone! :)

THANKS - Mar 12 2011

Full Icon Themes 594 comments

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Sep 05 2017
One icon request please...

Can you please make an icon for Foobnix?

The icon is on the Home page too, besides the application, the play arrow in the box...


- Mar 05 2011

Full Icon Themes 523 comments

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Jul 28 2013

I'm now trying out the icons in E17 and when I log out of E into the console I get this message;

Theme 'ubuntu-mono-dark' not found for AwOken.

Does AwOken have a dependency on other themes?

THANKS - Feb 15 2011
These are all the icons I use and all of them change the video icon and work.






THANKS - Feb 07 2011
I am using your script, but from what I can see for now the video-x-generic.png is not getting changed if that's the name of the one you are changing for the Video icon.

So the .AwOkenrc is the only thing being created? I guess what I can see is your script is just changing shortcuts, so at one time you are pointing to certain icons to have them load by these newly created shortcuts and when you pick a new look, then new shortcuts are made to load this new look, yes?

In PCManFM-Mod file manager I don't have any icons that can change the folders with the images. Do you know what Nautilus does to make this happen?

I know how to change the look of icons if Tint2 doesn't show them properly, I just want to have the icons look correct in PCManFM-Mod file manager is all. So far the only icon I see not working correct is for the video and the folders, which as you mentioned is for the file manager, the way Nautilus works...

Firefox and Thunderbird work ok, that was my mistake before....

- Feb 07 2011
I just copied by hand the wicd icons and backed up the original in /usr/share/pixmaps and when I loaded wicd the wicd-gui.png icon was not getting loaded it's still showing the original wicd-gui.svg.

Here's a screen shot you can see the original still being loaded;

By the way the permissions on the wicd-gui.png and wicd.png were set to executable files so I changed them to 644.

THANKS - Feb 05 2011
I just noticed too that my folders in PCManFM-Mod file manager are just plain, I don't get any of the images on the folders.

Here's a screen shot of my $Home in PCManFM-Mod file manager showing the 'Downloads' and 'Pictures' with no images on them.

Is there a way using the PCManFM-Mod file manager to get folders to use the images on them for any of these folders you made, like the email, video, etc...?

THANKS - Feb 05 2011
Here is a screen shot of Firefox;

Here is a screen shot of PCManFM-Mod File Manger;

The buttons are all grey, they should be different colors?

Here's a screen shot showing the video icon;

Is the install script just creating a
.AwOkenrc file, I would like to know how we clean out, uninstall what has been done if anything has been created in the $HOME directory.

I looked through my $HOME and all I could see that was changed was the .AwOkenrc file created, but if anything else is added or changed I'd like to be able to know how to remove it...

THANKS - Feb 05 2011
Well I was looking at it trying to figure out the reason for it and I couldn't see any differences in a person placing the icons in ~/.icons and using .gtkrc-2.0 for a Window Manager or having them placed in /usr/share/icons for Desktops...

I used the script and it didn't do anything for me different then if I manually installed the icons and used the .gtkrc-2.0 in OpenBox

So I was at a loss to understand the script since it doesn't seem to be needed.

Also video-x-generic.png icon isn't working in OpenBox so I had to replace the icon in /usr/share/icons/gnome/48x48/mimetypes to make it work...

Also in Firefox, are all the buttons suppose to be grey, or should the Stop button be a different color, or any other ones be a different color too?

Also in a File Manager are all the buttons grey too? Because I had one time the New Tab button turn green for PCManFM-MOD but then it changed to grey.


P.S. I posted here for others to read and comment on as well... - Feb 05 2011
Sorry forgot to ask can you please explain what the Script is going to create when you run it?

All I see is that it's placing the icons in the path of ~./icons or /usr/share and then creating a .AwOkenrc file...

Is this all?

Does AwOken need to be placed in
~./icons and /usr/share/icons?

THANKS - Feb 04 2011
Hi alecive,

Please explain why icons need a script to be installed properly? Icons should only need to be places in the $HOME path of ~/.icons and then for Gnome users in their
appearance preferences they load the icons and the same idea for other desktops environments, using the preferences. For Window Managers you only need to also place them in ~/.icons and use either a .gtkrc-2.0 or a GUI preferences, if available for the particular window manager you use...

THANKS - Feb 04 2011
Ater Grey Alpha

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 14 comments

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Jan 08 2011
All these round cornered themes everyone seems to be coming up with have jagged looking edges on these rounded corners.

I see this very well and it's the one thing that turns me off from using them. It just doesn't look clean.

Is there anyway these can be cleaned up to look 100% smooth?

THANKS - Jan 26 2011

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 36 comments

by roog
Score 78.3%
May 18 2010
Nice work, can we please get them with 'Square' edges now?

THANKS - Jan 26 2011
Obsidian Cursors

Cursors 34 comments

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Jan 06 2008
Seems like the developer hasn't been around for 2 years so not sure if he's going to see this, or this project is dead?

I really like this mouse cursor icon, but I noticed that when you put the mouse over something on Firefox and then click a link and it goes back to the arrow, where ever the hand was located on the browser, when it changes from the hand to the arrow it jerks, meaning the motion of just changing from hand to arrow isn't smooth and it doesn't happen in the same spot.

where ever you place the hand, when it's changing from the hand to the arrow it should change in that spot and not move but it doesn't. For me it jerks, moves over to the right a little as it's changing and for me it's bothersome to my eyes, makes them feel like they are acting up, seeing something jiggle around.

I hope possibly the developer is still around and this can be fixed.

THANKS - Jan 24 2011
Leopard for Ubuntu

GTK2 Themes 4 comments

by marps
Score 50.0%
Aug 05 2010
Yep an Ubuntu Noob, helping to destroy the GREAT History and Roots of Linux by making it look like OS X.

Noobuntu is what your name should be called.

Go buy an Apple please and LEARN what the ROOTS of Linux are so you can LEARN to have RESPECT for it by not making this junk! - Jan 14 2011

GTK2 Themes 16 comments

Score 74.1%
Nov 04 2010
Finally a damm decent theme that doesn't like some sorry ass OS X or Windows!

BRAVO to a real Geek!

PLEASE keep it up, Linux needs people like you to inspire the LOOK of Linux and not all the others...

CHEERS - Jan 14 2011
eGtk Leopard

GTK2 Themes 33 comments

Score 68.5%
Nov 04 2010
Please respect Linux and stop making themes to have it look like OS X!

This is very disrespectful to Linux and shows you do not understand the ROOTS of Linux and what it represents.

NO TRUE LINUX GEEK would ever do this!

It's disgusting! :( - Jan 14 2011
GTK Leopard

GTK2 Themes 58 comments

Score 75.5%
Nov 07 2010
Please respect Linux and stop making themes to have it look like OS X!

This is very disrespectful to Linux and shows you do not understand the ROOTS of Linux and what it represents.

NO TRUE LINUX GEEK would ever do this!

It's disgusting! :( - Jan 14 2011
Murrine GTK+ Engine for Fedora

GTK2 Themes 26 comments

Score 70.0%
Nov 11 2010
Please be considerate and realize this is a GNOME site, so please put up themes that all Linux users, can use!

This isn't LOL... :)

Thanks... - Jan 14 2011

GTK2 Themes 4 comments

Score 45.6%
Nov 15 2010
I mean PLEASE stop making OS X themes!

Good Gosh PLEASE this is LINUX!!! - Jan 14 2011
STOP making OS Themes!

This is very disrespectful to Linux the people that make it look like OS X and Windows. You have no clue then to what Linux is and what it's roots are and what it represents...

If you love the look so much then please buy an Apple! - Jan 14 2011

Various Gnome Theming 315 comments

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Nov 15 2010
What TRUE LINUX GEEK in their right mind would make Linux look like OS X? I'll tell you, NONE!

This is very disrespectful to Linux the people that make it look like OS X and Windows. You have no clue then to what Linux is and what it's roots are and what it represents...

If you love the look so much then please buy an Apple, to help further support the destruction of computer user's rights...

Apple and Windows STRIP the rights of Computer users, which you seem to have no clue about and if think it's BS then you are not a very educated computer user!

If you had a CLUE of the destructiveness of Apple, you'd never make a theme like OS X! - Jan 14 2011
iMetal Leopard theme

GTK2 Themes 10 comments

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Nov 17 2011
Please learn to respect Linux, if you are a Linux geek then please make themes to like Linux, something Linux cool.

If you want the look of OS X then please buy an Apple!

- Jan 14 2011
Cadmium OSX

GTK2 Themes 9 comments

Score 57.1%
Nov 30 2010
Where is the Linux respect around here?

1. You must not have used Linux for long.

2. Because of #1 you don't understand the Linux mentality.

3. Because of 1 & 2 combined this means you have no respect for Linux, trying to make it look like OS X.

If you like OS X then use it and buy yourself an Apple.

If you're a Linux geek then respect Linux and make something for it, to look like it!

I don't hate you, I'm not mad at you, I just think it's stupid and I get sick of looking at all the themes that people make, to have their LINUX box look like Windows or OS X.

PEACE - Jan 14 2011
my desk

GTK2 Themes 8 comments

Score 44.3%
Jan 12 2011

GTK 2.x Theme/Style (Section)... :) - Jan 14 2011
Since this is a theme you have created it will be more beneficial if you show menus and windows that depict the theme better.

Right now this is just a fancy looking screen shot that doesn't show people what this theme really looks like... - Jan 12 2011
Wildcat - Arbeit Macbuntu

GTK2 Themes 28 comments

Score 69.6%
Mar 25 2011
Look, don't take me the wrong way, you did a nice job!

But it's disgusting to think a REAL LINUX GEEK wants their box looking like a MAC!

I run Linux for Linux, I don't want it looking like Windows or Apple!

Linux geeks should learn to respect Linux and make Linux looking themes!

PEACE - Jan 14 2011
Elegant Gnome Pack

GTK2 Themes 784 comments

Score 74.1%
Nov 16 2010
Double post, what happened... :( - Nov 25 2010
This theme easily should be in the 90% range, it works great, looks great and everything is, well GREAT!

What's there not to like? You tell me!

Just need an icon for the Eye of Gnome I see missing....

THANKS - Nov 25 2010
This theme easily should be in the 90% range, it works great, looks great and everything is, well GREAT!

What's there not to like? You tell me!

Just need an icon for the Eye of Gnome I see missing....

THNAKS - Nov 25 2010
Divergence IV - "A New Hope"

GTK2 Themes 169 comments

Score 76.2%
Nov 23 2010
A Toolbar is a Toolbar and that's all I'm talking about...

In the lower left of the screen and running up the left side of the screen in what appears to be some type of a tool bar...

Where the clock is at and the icons to the left...

THANKS - Nov 24 2010
How do you make the toolbar like that?

THANKS - Nov 24 2010

Openbox Themes 33 comments

by lyrae
Score 58.6%
Jul 09 2007
What are those fonts in the Menu?

THANKS - Nov 15 2010

GTK2 Themes 77 comments

by 2sev
Score 76.8%
Apr 29 2011
0.7 not working it complains about line 262 in gtkrc

I installed 0.6 and it works, I also have he latest murrine-0.90.3.git

By the way what is the difference between all the different versions? alt -center-alt?

THANKS - Nov 15 2010
Equinox GTK Engine

GTK2 Themes 257 comments

Score 71.4%
Apr 27 2011
It would be nice in the future when people put up an engine like this we can get a link to the icons and windows title bar theme as well.

Are there icons and the windows title bar theme that match the screen shots we are seeing here?

If so can someone PLEASE post a link?

THANKS - Jun 06 2010
Score 74.1%
9   Nov 25 2010