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Amarok 1.x Scripts 126 comments

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Feb 26 2008
I am running Amarok 1.4.9 on Ubuntu Hardy and whenever I am using transkode to transcode flac files when transferring to an iPod, transkode will crash. Sometimes it will do a few tracks, sometimes it will do none. Usually restarting Amarok will fix this, but that's uncomfortable.

Any ideas?

Thanks! - Jun 16 2008

Audio Apps 84 comments

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Dec 12 2007
I don't get it...using amarok, transkode will transcode a number of files and then suddenly just stop, halting transfer to my ipod. AND, transkode will only use faac...I cannot get it to transcode to mp3. I have found the path to lame, chosen my setup, etc., but EVERY TIME it uses faac.

Any ideas? - May 31 2006