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Darth Chaos
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USplash Theme Fingerprint

Usplash Themes 87 comments

by Phylu
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Nov 22 2013
Try downloading the Debian package with a download manager such as DownloadThemAll! or Aria. The first time I tried to download, I tried a regular download and the download got corrupted and I got the same message you got. The second time, I downloaded the Debian package with Aria, and I got it successfully installed. - Jan 29 2009
XXCE Icons with XXCE Applications

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Oct 24 2008
After extracting the icon theme, the extracted folder may be listed as xxce_icons. If so, you MUST rename the folder to xxce for the icons to properly work with the XXCE applications. - Nov 20 2008
Tuxintoxh OS X

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Jun 03 2006
Just uploaded the screenshot. - Jun 03 2006