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Yousef Dardeer
gOS 3.0 Theme

GTK2 Themes by Mariux 1 comment

Thank you so much. I wanted the gOS theme for a while, and everyone is suggesting getting the entire gOS desktop with e17, and use it as another session. I like this way better. Now what about the GDM theme? - Sep 30 2008
Chocolate V1.0

GTK2 Themes by AlexR1 46 comments

Very beautiful. I love it. But... When you open the menus, the menu items are very close to each other. pardon my newbiness, I don't know the exact term for it. I think its the metacity engine, or whatever... But I hope you understand me. So, I guess it will look much better with wider mene items.

And you should make a matching GDM theme.

Thanks - Jun 16 2008