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Dan Schneider
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ArchLinux Gnome Harmony

Wallpapers Gnome 2 comments

Score 58.0%
Apr 23 2011
Thanks! - Apr 23 2011

Conky 930 comments

Score 82.4%
Oct 17 2013
when will you be making a 1.8.1 compatible version??? - Feb 11 2011
Better Faenza chrome icon

Icon Sub-Sets 8 comments

Score 65.6%
Sep 28 2010
how do I do that? I don't see svg in gimp. Sorry im a noob :) - Oct 03 2010
THANKS! - Sep 29 2010
ive been fiddling with a no border version but just cant seem to get it to look right... :( Maybe some else can give it a go. - Sep 29 2010
Wow that was quick lol.
I will do this and post it. I had it without the border previously but it look weird for some reason... Well ill see what u think - Sep 28 2010
Elegant Gnome Pack

GTK2 Themes 784 comments

Score 74.1%
Nov 16 2010
AWESOME THEME!!! My favorite by far. Ive used it on like 3 different linux installs. Looks awesome. One bug that I've seen though, in synaptic the search box stays grey when nothing is entered, but the second u start typing in turn yellow with yellow text - Aug 05 2010