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Danny Wu
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MacOS-X Aqua Theme

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Aug 23 2017
There is something wrong with the network.
I have now fixed this problem and appoligize for any inconvinance this has caused. - Mar 20 2005
The lower pannel is "StarterBar".

I am highly recommanded you using "engage". - Mar 07 2005
sure. I'll post as soon as I make it more stable. - Aug 21 2004
Sorry again. The above reply is not correct.

try the following command :

tar zxf Gnome_MacOS-X_Icon_Theme_20040730.tar.gz - Aug 15 2004
sorry, the correct command should be :

tar zxf 13548-Gnome_MacOS-X_Aqua_Theme_20040730.tar.gz - Aug 15 2004
It's StarterBar.
you may find it from the following page : - Aug 15 2004
I'm seeking a new site for putting the icon theme.

sorry for inconvenience. :) - Jul 29 2004
First of all, many thanks to all who like this theme. :-)

The menu bar on the top of the sceeenshot is still in development and a little bit unstable. I will post in the future. :-) - Jul 29 2004
Unsure why, but I guess it due to limitation of bandwidth of the download site "pchome".

I'll fix it soon.

maybe move those files to another site. - Jul 27 2004
Tt doesn't work in gnome. becuase it is for KDE.

I'm now doing a MacOS-X Icon Theme for Gnome and will post soon. :) - Jul 13 2004
Hi !

I'm not sure, but I think it seems to be the GTK pixmap engine not installed or not works fine. - Jul 13 2004
I'm glad you like this theme. :)

a) you may find lots of similar icons from the following page :

b) you may get the missing file at the following URL :
then copy it to ~/.themes/MacOS-X/gtk-2.0/icons/ - Jul 06 2004
It's "StarterBar". you may find it at the following URL :

and I'm glad you like it. I'm a great Mac fan too. :) - Jul 04 2004
I'm very sorry for answer you so late.

I posted the updates of this theme this morning, and I'm glad you like it. - Jul 04 2004
It is 100% in Gnome. I'm running Fedora core 1.

The dock at the bottom of the screen may called "StarterBar of gDesklets".

and the mmenu bar at the top of the screen is now a independent program and maybe get to be a desplay of gDesklets in the future. - Jul 04 2004
Thank you for your suggestion. and I'm now working hardly at stock icons. I will post the updates soon. - Jun 23 2004
the menus at the top of the screen is now an independent program and will be a display of gDesklets in the future. - Jun 23 2004
It is so called "the well patched StarterBar of gDesklets", but not released yet. - Jun 23 2004
not released yet, but soon. - Jun 23 2004
Baghira SuSE 9.x RPM

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Feb 12 2005

I saw ...... the icon theme you are using in the first screenshot is named "Aqua Clear". Could you post ? or Could you tell us where to get the same icon theme ?
I love the icon theme.

Thank you very much.

(and sorry for my poor english.) - Aug 26 2004
IcOsX Theme 0.7

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by shok
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Nov 08 2002
if you wanna an similar icon theme for gnome, you may try the following one :

enjoy. :-) - Aug 02 2004
Aqua Clone

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Jul 05 2004
for all I know, the curved menu bar on the top of the screen is the default feature of gnome 2.2 (such as Red Hat 9.0), but gnome 2.4, such as Fedora core 1, is not.

sorry for my english. :) - Jul 21 2004

Gnome Screenshots 2 comments

by walte
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Jun 14 2004
I know.
He is running X-Server instead of XFree86.
X-Server makes shadows the way.

You may find it at the following page:

and more screenshots: - Jul 05 2004