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Danny Sauer , United States of America
It'd be nice if the syntax files included a leading blank line, so they'd be separated from existing syntax entries.

It would also be neat if the installer would check to see if there's already a [dark] section and either overwrite that or notify the user that dark is already installed.

And finally, it'd be neat to use
kde-config --localprefix
in order to identify the installation location, rather than hard-coding ~/.kde/. :)

Overall, though, I'm happy with the theme itself. Thanks for putting this together. :) - Jan 24 2010

Utilities by marcomaniac 232 comments

Hooray! Hopefully I'll figure out how to make this thing alert me when new releases are published... - Jan 22 2010

Utilities by marcomaniac 232 comments

I have multiple optical drives on my machine - one rips faster, so I usually use it, but the other works better when a disk is scratched. It would be nice if the drive selection dropdown was accessible on the main screen rather than buried in the configuration dialog. :) - Jan 11 2010

by marcomaniac

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Jan 22 2010