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System Software 13 comments

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May 19 2009
Yes it is :), version 1.0 is in beta phase.
( - Feb 14 2010
1. Use Ctrl+Click (like Dolphin) to just select the file. KDE4 version should use KDE4 settings.
2. For the moment it backup the original file before overwriting it. Asking for confirmation can be a nice feature.
3. I agree. - May 17 2009
I use KFileItemDelegate from kde api for files view and I didn't find a way to control this.
I can write my own files view but it will be less standard that the one in KDE api (and I don't plan to write one in the near future). - May 11 2009
1. I do agree I should use only "Folder".
2. Well, the konqueror details mode only select file name. I use KDE controls so this is way. - May 07 2009

System Software 2 comments

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May 29 2009
The goal of this tool is to be simple. For snapshots, periodical sync I think Back In Time is a better choice.

I think that implementing profiles may solve "synchronizer for each one item" or "active/inactive item" issues. - May 15 2009