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Anish D Thrissur, India
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Modified Gilouche-4f

Metacity Themes 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Sep 01 2008
i really liked your modifications...
can you make the active title bar text to white? it seems that there is no contrast for black over dark blue.thanks and best wishes - Oct 01 2008
Blue-The Beautiful Neela

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Aug 05 2008
I would like to do it..but the problem is that i dont have the knowledge to do it. i just tried to do it in emerald as trials and combinations are easy in it. but as far as metacity is concerned, i really dont have the resources to do it. i saw the metacity theme created by you, and loved it except for the black title. best wishes for your future endeavors. - Oct 01 2008
Its my first post..anugrahichalum.. - Aug 05 2008