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Dan Fuhry , United States of America
Amarok 1.x Scripts
Flygo (Tango remix)

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Jun 04 2007
Since was discontinued: - Apr 02 2013
This is too great of an icon theme for the link to die. Here, I mirrored it.

My connection will be much faster a week and a half from when I post this comment. - Aug 19 2010

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Aug 12 2008
Dude. It's pretty obvious that you replaced the grass and such in your version. Compare the two images side by side:


It takes no effort at all to look at the two and tell which one is the original image. How could the other guy have possibly obtained the original image with your horrible patchwork on the grass off to the right? Also look at the clouds. The other version shows lighting and clouds that could not possibly have been derived from this image. You ripped this guy off. Just admit it.

Besides, the original picture is under the GPL. All you have to do is release yours under the GPL and state your name and date of modifications. If you do that, they have no reason to delete this image.

I've reported this to kde-look abuse.

Dan - Aug 04 2009
I found the original wallpaper:

For those who are wondering, this was taken at Pico do Breu, in Brazil.

There's also a bit of a licensing issue here... the original image is GPL, whereas this one is obviously a derivative work but supposedly Artistic license... - Jun 11 2009

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Dec 23 2008
Could I refer you to the forum ( It's a bit easier to keep track of things from there.

Can you tell me what version of Ubuntu you're using including architecture (i386, amd64, etc.)? That will help narrow things down a little bit. - Dec 30 2008
s/Hardy/Intrepid/ (I'm slow tonight, sorry) - Dec 28 2008
I assume this is Ubuntu Hardy you're using. Are you trying to run Greyhound on Amarok 2.0? It won't work unless you're running 1.4. The Amarok developers radically changed the API with the removal of DCOP in 2.0, and not all of the features Greyhound needs are available via D-Bus yet.

From the website:
> Greyhound doesn't work on Amarok 2.0 yet. Do not try to run Greyhound under Amarok 2.0, it will not work. This is because in Amarok 2.0, DCOP was replaced with DBUS (along with the rest of KDE4). I'm working on adding Amarok 2.0 support, but there are a few hurdles to jump over (read: a saveCurrentPlaylist equivalent). - Dec 28 2008
I just released a new version in response to the number of bug reports that have come in since the initial release. You might want to see if this version works for you. Thanks for the feedback :)

--Dan - Aug 16 2008
OK, that's fair for a program that's at alpha 2. I'm working on a fix that removes the requirement to detect your home directory, because I got a tip from someone in #amarok who said that your amarok settings aren't even always in ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok. Since playlist/saveCurrentPlaylist gives you a path to work with, the future revisions will work based off of that path.

In the mean time, I'd try running greyhound from the command line. Start up Amarok, then open a terminal and type:

cd ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/greyhound
php greyhound.php

Watch the output - it might show something that Amarok doesn't show (since PHP prints errors and warnings to stderr). If you get the same error, just watch for alpha 3 - I'll try and get it released in the next day or two based on the bug reports that have come in.

Oh, and your system requirements:

--Dan (the developer) - Aug 14 2008