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konqkonv - easy KDE DVD/VCD mpg creator

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Jan 05 2006
There is now a great GPL tool for making video DVD's very easily under Linux/UN*X called DeVeDe. It has many advantages over konqkonv, the main ones being it supports batch conversion (more than one video clip), gives a disc-usage indicator, lets you pick the bitrate and eliminates the need for Varsha for making the DVD image. Sorry KDE fans, but its a pyGTK/GNOME app. It's in the Debian Marillat repository already but everybody else can download it from

How long until we see something like DeVeDe integrated into k3b and gnomebaker? - Mar 09 2006
konqkonv can convert any video format supported by mencoder or ffmpeg to DVD- that include divx/xvid (.avi) just as long as your mencoder/ffmpeg version was compiled with support for them.

For mencoder, enter:

mencoder -ovc help

to see what codecs your version supports. If it lists divx4 and xvid you should be fine. - Jan 06 2006
Just released the new version so give it a go with ffmpeg instead. I've had a couple of files which didn't agree with mencoder but did work with ffmpeg. - Jan 05 2006
Thanks for pointing that out lenooh!

I hope that k3b will shortly eliminate the need for varsha and make konqkonv redundant by having a video transcoder integrated. I'd say these are k3b's two biggest omissions with 0.12.x. Nerolinux also lacks video transcoding :( - Oct 23 2005