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Dana Dana Goyette
Ah, wow, that Nautilus Elementary is really nice! It does fix this theme, after all. It still might be good to make it work without the Elementary patches, if possible. - Jul 04 2010
Er, will try again with that "Nautilus Elementary". I thought that was just an icon theme, until I checked again. - Jul 04 2010
Here's what this theme looks like on my (147 DPI) system: - Jul 04 2010
Window Applets

Gnome Extensions by holodeck 376 comments

These applets are awesome, for laptops no matter what screen resolution.

A few improvements you could make to the title applet: have it follow the active and inactive metacity text colors automatically, and make the title draggable like the Ubuntu netbook UI.

Also, if you try to set the font to, say, DejaVu Sans Book 8.5, Very Bad Things happen when you return to the preferences dialog.

On my netbook, one time it made the preferences window 5 screens wide, exceeded Intel's maximum texture size (and so killed compiz), and then locked up the intel GPU.

On my full-size laptop with fglrx, it hard-locked the system -- corrupt video, and heartbeat LED completely dead. - May 11 2010
I love how the wallpaper changes color through out the day.

However, there's one little thing that bugs me: try sticking the wallpaper next to another copy of itself, and you'll notice that the left and right edges meet poorly. Please consider fixing it, for the sake of looking better with multiple desktops (cube or "wall").

Oh, and it does work in Ubuntu Hardy (Gnome 2.22.1) -- you just have to manually open the XML file with gnome-appearance-properties, or drag it in. - Apr 13 2008

GTK2 Themes by Fedorateur 3 comments

Is there any chance of getting the reverse (old GTK style, but with new colors)? - Nov 05 2006
Plastik theme for YaKuake

Yakuake Skins by suslik 13 comments

er, -- either way, it's not there. - Aug 31 2006
Plastik theme for YaKuake

Yakuake Skins by suslik 13 comments

"go inside Product folder and run the enclosed script with either "--dark" or "--light" option.
Ex: "sh ./ --dark""
WHAT There IS NO! - Aug 31 2006
Smooth Stripes Gloss

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by ThEOnE 5 comments

so please fix it! I want to use this theme! Perhaps it would be better as a mod of Baghira -- please look into that! - Jul 24 2005
Watercolor : Blue

Ice-WM Themes by eriol 10 comments

Oh, wait, I can just use the Quartz windeco in my Suse 9.3 installation. - Jul 09 2005
Watercolor : Blue

Ice-WM Themes by eriol 10 comments

The close box is colored like the left side, while most others are on the right. I want to make the titlebar like windows (consistency is good) by having the button layout be

[menu] Title (help) [min] [max] [close]

but the lack of many of the buttons makes that impossible. The following buttons are missing:


and, ones I don't use,

keep above
keep below
resize - Jul 09 2005
AA - Flava ... What's your flava ?

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by ThEOnE 25 comments

PLEASE fix the broken button spacing on the left! It drives me nuts every time I see it! AluminumAlloy is the best skin I've used, and I want to use it with the icons on the left (custom button positions).

[x] [_] . [+] is weird, fix it! - Jul 08 2005