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Jorge Eduardo HR Durango, Mexico

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Jun 18 2018
Great icons, much better than all those crystal/aqua/ibored icons - Jul 13 2007
LedaX - EDA for Linux

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Oct 14 2006
This seems like a very promising project, keep up the good job and ideas.
Is there yet an official site for LedaX?
I'm not a programmer but perhaps I can help testing, with artwork or something else (except money, I'm not rich either :'^( ). - Jul 29 2006

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Jul 27 2006
Thanks, sorry I tried to do a 1600X1200 but ran out of resources, I am working on a different one with fewer layers, I'll upload it when ready.
greetings - Jul 28 2006
Well I use the original svg logo found it here:
and use the svg import feature on gimp in order to use it.
greetings - Jul 28 2006
the tutorial is this: - Jul 27 2006