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what's wrong with anime style? granted i know a lot of younger kids are all into drawing it and their skills as artists really haven't developed (and aren't likely to if they keep following those crappy "how to draw manga/anime" books that give out bad information and drawing habits like candy at Halloween. however, there is fantastic art to be seen and made in the anime style if an artist actually knows what they're doing. in the end my opinion that *this sucks because it's anime* is that your opinion sucks.

also, this image clearly does not fall under that definition of pornography.
if it did then i guess most figure drawing class assignments would too... as well as the Sistine Chapel's ceiling.

i'm not seeing anything sexual about this at all. yes, i know she's topless but nudity doesn't make it sexually explicit or sexual at all. otherwise we'd be running around calling everyone a pervert for bathing in the privacy of their own home... you pervert.

there are images on this site that are sexually charged that have all the bits and bobs covered or only make reference to them. just the other day i saw one that had a close up of a woman sucking on the end of a banana and saying something about linux girls taking it to the root and windows girls just sucking. the text plus the image make it an obvious reference to oral sex where as the image or text alone do have the potential to only be seen as sexual references somewhat perverted minds.

about your second reason that you think this sucks... yea... i guess anyone and everyone wearing a red bandanna is a gang member now. it might be a good idea not to wear certain colors in areas where gangs are prevalent but as far as artwork goes what people are wearing can hardly be considered as a connection to a certain gang especially if it is the ONLY connection in the work you can even make to a gang.
i guess ryu and ken from street fighter are gang members too? they do have the whole violence thing going for them on top of the color headbands!
your second opinion as to why this sucks is nothing more than a ridiculous statement.

as far as your third reason as to why this sucks... yea that one is pretty solid. not that various linux distros aren't great, heck i'd probably use more than one distro if i had multiple computers, but simply slapping a distro logo on something seems quite tacky. especially considering the crappy job most people seem to do with it.

having said that i think the websites need better category divisions than simply wallpaper size. it could solve a lot of people's problems as far as seeing nudity on wallpapers and who knows you and other anime haters may never have to see anime style wallpapers ever again.

also another note on the whole people seeing nudity thing... both sides are generally retarded in most of the comments i've seen on this website only serve to agg on and insult the other side.
granted i did poke fun at your comments a bit but i don't mean anything overly serious about it. honestly i could be considered a bit prude. i don't want to see people groping or making out heavily in public. that's with or without any sort of nudity.

i'm not really opposed to nudity in artwork but as far as sexually charged artwork there is often a very blurry line between yes it is and no it isn't.
first off, the poster thinks she's in at least a somewhat alluring and sexy pose. i don't nor do i really find this sexy at all. i stretch my upper back and arms very similarly to that a lot of times. thing is we don't know if the poster is the artist or what the artist's intentions were when painting this so we can't say it's intended to be sexy or not nd i don't think it crosses that line.

however, low angled images of girls wearing things that barely cover their lady parts, or of a lady lying down naked from the back with her lady parts barely covered or even uncovered can hardly be considered anything but sexually oriented in my opinion. they just seem to shout "HEY LOOK AT THIS NAKED CHICK! YOU CAN ALMOST SEE HER HOOHOO!" which is a rather trashy thing to say in my opinion also images solely consisting of a female behind, no matter how nice or covered also seem quite trashy to me.

your opinion of this seems to be that it is sexually oriented and seems to shout "HEY LOOK BOOBS!" so it would probably make a trashy wallpaper. if you had said that as a reason as to why you find it to be a lame wallpaper i couldn't have argued with it other than to say that i don't think it's sexual but since what people find sexy and sexual as far as imagery goes varies from person to person i most certainly couldn't disagree with your opinion or personal justification in saying so.

if the website had set up better categories and rules about posting as well as even having categories dealing with nudity and what is and isn't acceptable on the site a lot of the arguments and bickering on the pieces with nudity would probably have not happened. also i also don't see anything wrong with having an option that would allow the viewing or not viewing images with nudity while you're browsing the thumbnails.

honestly sometimes it's hard to tell if a person is nude or not due to small thumbnails and high resolution monitors. though i'm sure there'd be crying and arguing about that either needing to be 18+ or not and then if it is crying about censoring.

heck maybe even crying about censoring if it wasn't 18+ option only. which would be completely idiotic because then the choice is left up to the individual about what they see or don't see. - Apr 05 2010
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