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CyberSpy CyberSpy
Halloween Theme by Andre

Beryl/Emerald Themes by AndreR 6 comments

Thanks for contributing to the community. Very nice theme. It's NEVER too early for Halloween. The only suggestion I would make is, when you take a screenshot of your desktop, keep your torrents folder unopened, as you could be opening a can of worms for yourself or others by showing some of that. I can't wait to see some of your other themes. - Oct 13 2007

KDE Plasma Screenshots by drsoong2 1 comment

Good work, I think this shows the flexibility and diversity of KDE as well as how light and fun Linux/KDE can be as an alternative desktop replacement.

While this scheme is not for all, I think it is a wonderful example to show friends or others in your household.

Keep up the good work! - Jul 10 2007
Crystal Project

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 127 comments

As if you don't hear this enough: "You are extremely talented, it's incredible having you donate to the KDE community". Once again, you've outdone yourself. - Jun 20 2007

Utilities by trueg 227 comments

Congratulations on reaching 1.0. It has been a long ride since 1998, K3b has become one of those apps that has reached cult-like status and is a mainstay for people switching over and staying with Linux as a viable desktop solution. Thank you for all the years of hard work and diligence you have put into this project. - Mar 16 2007

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by motyR 383 comments

Yes, I agree, a working link would be nice, especially with a slew of distros releasing new versions now. Can someone repost the source please? - Nov 08 2006
Guru meditation

Wallpaper Other by obywan 6 comments

I get a "Guru Meditation Error" when trying to apply this. :) I'm just kidding, that's a flashback to all of us who remember and used the Amiga. Great name for the wallpaper, and thanks for the fond memories you just brought back to me. - Oct 31 2006

Network by tmichel 188 comments

Hey all,
I really miss this app and hope the previous (most recent) issues are resolved soon as I prefer kwlan over Knetworkmanager. Also, as of 0.5.0 I can no longer compile this on Fedora Core 5, I'll be pasting the make results later on, but wonder if others have encountered this. - Jul 28 2006

Network by tmichel 188 comments

There's a few issues, if you run it as root you can see a message, and it will show up in the tray, but no longer as a user or sudo. The main issue is that Fedora compiles Wireless Extensions with version 20 and this app only supports up to version 19. I'm presuming other Bleeding Edge distros will have the same issue:

[root@aurora ~]# kwlan
Link points to "/tmp/ksocket-root"
Link points to "/tmp/kde-root"
kbuildsycoca running...
Reusing existing ksycoca
[root@aurora ~]# QObject::connect: No such signal KWlanInterface::ipChanged(const QString&)
QObject::connect: (sender name: 'unnamed')
QObject::connect: (receiver name: 'KWlan')
QObject::connect: No such slot KWlanTrayWin::setConnectionStatus(bool)
QObject::connect: (sender name: 'unnamed')
QObject::connect: (receiver name: 'KWlan')
QObject::connect: No such signal KWlanInterface::ipChanged(const QString&)
QObject::connect: (sender name: 'unnamed')
QObject::connect: (receiver name: 'KWlan')
QObject::connect: No such slot KWlanTrayWin::setConnectionStatus(bool)
QObject::connect: (sender name: 'unnamed')
QObject::connect: (receiver name: 'KWlan')
Warning: Driver for device wlan0 has been compiled with version 20
of Wireless Extension, while this program supports up to version 19.
Some things may be broken... - Jul 14 2006
"MS Word" - KWord Toolbar Style

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by maarizwan 14 comments

Either way, this ia a GREAT job, thank you for doing this. I feel this is a great step in helping making KDE and our repsective distros a viable desktop solution/replacement. While some people cringe at any similariities to other Desktops/Software, I feel anything that helps people migrate over as good thing, and this clearly does that. Kudos, Sir, my hat is off to you. Thank you. - Jun 08 2006

Network by ivanfor 12 comments

I've fixed it. I had to go in to the src dir and edit an include in the shapefile.h file. An FC5 rpm is in thw works. The only issue I have now, isn't swscanner related (I don't think), when I go into KMenu and Internet, I see both SWScanner and SWSCanner - run as root. Both load, however only root can access wlan0, so if I try and scan as a normal user, I get an error. I'm thinking I need to setup a SUDO wheel, or it's related to WPA_SUPPLICANT, which I don't think is used by swscanner, but it is used by ndiswrapper and my driver, and you have to be root to use wpa_supplicant, again, I think SUDO may fix that, but either way, an i386 and x86_64 rpm are going to be built for FC5 . - May 03 2006

Network by ivanfor 12 comments

Hi, I've been trying for quite some time to compeile and install this app. But I get the same error with 0.2.2 and svn. I saw an answer on your forums, but it's not in english.

shapehandler.h:28:22: error: shapefil.h: No such file or directory
shapehandler.h:39: error: ‘SHPHandle’ does not name a type
shapehandler.h:40: error: ‘DBFHandle’ does not name a type
shapehandler.h:47: error: expected `)' before ‘sH’
make[2]: *** [main.o] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/cyberspy/swscanner/src'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/cyberspy/swscanner'
make: *** [all] Error 2
[cyberspy@goliath swscanner]$

My distro is Fedora Core 5, my DE is KDE 3.5.2 and, yes, both shapelib and shapelib-devel are both installed. Thank you in advance for any help. - May 03 2006

Wallpaper Other by Rapture 3 comments

Damn Rapture,
You are extremely talented. I love your wallpapers, I never knew you did other wallpapers til I read your description, clicked on your nick and saw your entries. I love the KHazard series or whatever they were called. Again, why does this have to have the debian logo :( lol. I'll ask the same question as before. Can you do a greyhat/blackhat/whitehat version? Or at least grace us non-Debian's with a non distro specific version? Also, maybe other colors? Red, Blue, Green. I am really flabbergasted with some of your work. - Feb 26 2006
Debian Tattoo

Wallpapers Debian by Rapture 3 comments

If some talented individual who has the original wallpaper could make other logo's I would be most appreciative. Maybe a penguin, a black fedora, a white fedora or something like that. (Non-distro specific) A black, white or grey fedora would be incredible. - Feb 23 2006
My desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by smihael 1 comment

There's really nothing special on it (although I like what you did with your task bar), but it's very clean, very elegant and very nice to look at. Overall, very nice theme for winter-time. - Feb 21 2006
silverchill for deKorator 0.2

deKorator Themes by mattepiu 23 comments

How do you change the color of the titlebar, buttons, etc like you've shown? - Feb 13 2006
onyxlava for deKorator-0.2

deKorator Themes by mattepiu 4 comments

You've done it again, terrific job! It's too dark for the color style I use now (I would have used this when I used dark window backgrounds), but it's beautiful none-the-less. I think people that use a dark color scheme are going to be drooling all over this.

Great job once again! (now if only I can figure out how to change the titlebar color like is shown in the other thread). - Feb 13 2006
silverchill for deKorator 0.2

deKorator Themes by mattepiu 23 comments

Looks amazing (per usual for you). I can't wait for Onyx, that will me terrific, will you be re-doing your ChaNinja Icon port to refelct the Onyx as well? I am torn on the various button ideas, and I had an idea as well, but you showed all of this these before I could make a mockup. I think the best route, would be, like I said before, make a different release for each major difference (kind of like how there is Plastik for deKorator and now Plastik-Thin) if you understand what I saying. Basically, the idea I had for different colors, not a way to change the colors of the theme, but a different release of the theme in different colors. (i.e. - SilverChill-Blue, SilverChill-Green, SilverChill-Onyx, each as a different release or package).

As far as the buttons go, I like both the button color matching the color in the title bar, and Silver, so it's hard to say. The idea I thoought of was, you know how you "curved" them in the 2nd mockup?.. Keep the "X" (close window) with the curve going to the left, make the middle buttons (Restore/Maximize and Minimize) rounded at the bottom and the one on the left button (Help or Minimize) with the curve going towards the right. I think the overall effect would be interesting.

I hope I explained that correctly without a mockup - Feb 11 2006
silverchill for deKorator 0.2

deKorator Themes by mattepiu 23 comments

I should have elaborated a little bit on the color idea. What I meant was, different releases of the "base" theme in different colors (i.e. SilverChill-Blue, SilverChill-Green, SilverChill-Red, etc.).

I also agree with the other post, about alternate buttons, or the emblems inside the buttons, but again, just make it an alternate version, since not everyone would agree.

I had some issues with getting the QTStyle to match what you had in your screenshots, I couldn't get the bar with "File Edit View, etc" to match your colors in the screenshot and something seemed "not right", so I've been playing around with alternate styles and colorscheme edits to enhance what you've done so far. I'll put up some screenshots later, which I think would really showcase how one could implement your windec in various ways for a brilliant gui. - Feb 09 2006
silverchill for deKorator 0.2

deKorator Themes by mattepiu 23 comments

I just wanted to let you know how much I like your window decoration, and that I am now using it. I don't use the "Chaninja" icons/emblems like you do, but when I used Windows, it's what I used, and now i have a similar feel with KDE (most decorations have "rounded" top corners and super thick borders which I hate). So, from people that share my opinion, "Great Job!".

Is it possible for you to make a revision with 2 more buttons (help and pin)? You seem to have forgotten those. Also, if possible, could you add other colors to this incredible design? Maybe "Green, Black, Red and a Chrome/Steel color"? Those additional color options would put this at the top of the game (in my opinion) and other button emblem choices/designs. - Feb 09 2006
Metal Deluxe Windec (mockup)

Desktop Concepts by Lechio 4 comments

I've often wished for a good metallic windowdec/theme. That looks nice, an option for "squared corners" would be nice for those of us that don't like rounded corners. I realy hope someone can implement this. - Aug 26 2005
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba by Matti 1797 comments

I don't have an "old config" since I installed this on a fresh install of a FC4. - Jul 31 2005
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba by Matti 1797 comments

Ok, I am using Fedora Core 4, SuperKaramba 0.37, and I just installed liquid weather 8.0, when I right click and get the menu, and go to "configure" if I left or right click that, all that happens is an "X" shows up next to it. How do I configure the theme now? - Jul 31 2005
Mech-Tex 500 (finished)

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by gumis 29 comments

Let me be the first to comment on this.. not bad at all, it's kind of fresh and different. You have seperated your look from a lot of others, and did a decent job, how functional is everyhing (what are the components). - Jul 28 2005