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Boris Rybalkin London, United Kingdom

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Jul 10 2012
Let me know if that helped, please? - Jul 26 2012
Looks like you wanted to select google documents root, but selected nothing (Storage path field empty in UI). Try selecting root by Change -> click on <root> -> Select. Then you should see '/' in the Path field.
The logic is that you selecting the folder you are in :)
Probably app should not allow selecting empty folders. - Jul 24 2012
Hi, Thanks for trying!
Let me help you.

1. First of all what platform are you on, windows/linux/mac, what flavor?
2. Are you syncing local filesystem to remote google docs?
3. Did you enter account name without
4. Did you enter your paths manually or used Change button and browsed existing paths?

Also you can check log file in [home]/.syncloud/log/syncloud.log
it should say:

> folders to synchronize: 2
> ...
> synchronization cycle finished

with no errors.

Some existing issues:
*UI says sync period is in minutes, but it is actually seconds
*Web ui is in development/bug fixing phase, so try not to use it for now. - Jul 21 2012
Updated the description - Jul 10 2012
Sorry forgot to include the link - Jul 10 2012
We have standalone archive which should work on any linux with Open JDK 6 installed
Let me know if you have any issues running it on your linux.
- Jul 10 2012