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Chris Smart
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May 26 2008
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll see what I can do for the next release :)

Chris - Jun 08 2008
Thanks! Any suggestions on how I can improve it? What doesn't look good, or what is missing for your distro?

-c - Jun 05 2008
Hey, thanks :)

The SVGs are all available in the source package (see link above). Just extract them to your ~/.icons/ directory and it should use them automatically :)

I don't include the SVGs by default because they are 35+MB and without them the theme is only 5MB. Saves on bandwidth if not everyone wants the SVGs.

-c - May 26 2008
Ahh.. yes, I see. I'll see if I can find some viable alternatives to include in the next release.

-c - May 23 2008
Hmm.. that link doesn't seem to work. Can you check it for me?

-c - May 23 2008
Got a screen shot there? I don't know which icon you're mentioning..

-c - May 22 2008
Thanks! I actually have the blue folder in that style, which I like. But the bin is nice - looks much better than my poor effort and much easier to see at smaller resolutions.

-c - May 20 2008

Can I ask where you got the trash bin from? It looks like the Oxygen one, but modified to give it more shape. I'd like to use it in the theme, but want to give credit to whomever and make sure it's under a free license.

-c - May 20 2008
Thanks :)

I know that Oxy-GNOME works on GNOME 2.20, but I'm not sure why older themes don't work.. Sorry about that.

-c - May 20 2008
There are two that you should remove or change:


Chris - May 18 2008
Thanks :)

Yeah, the theme is Clearlooks with Human Window Border.

-c - May 06 2008
Fixed that in the new release, thanks a lot for the suggestion.

-c - May 04 2008
Good point, I'll do that :)

-c - May 03 2008
Sorry for the delayed response, been busy at work.

Not sure why it wouldn't work on Hardy, it does for me. I haven't tested it with GNOME 2.20, but good to hear it works :)

-c - May 01 2008
I use inkscape on the command line:

inkscape --file=[svg] --export-png=[png] --export-width=[px] --export-height=[px]

That should work :)

-c - Apr 30 2008
If you don't have the SVGs in the theme folder, then GNOME will have to use the closest PNG to the icon size required. For example, I did not include 48x48 icons for 'places' (the folder icons, etc) so those on the desktop will look small as GNOME has to downscale to 32x32 or similar.

This is not a problem if you have the SVGs as GNOME will just use these to generate the correct size.

I will fix this in the next release by including 48x48 size icons for 'places'.

As for the SVGs, there is an svg library which can convert to png, it's called librsvg2, or you can use inkscape.

Chris - Apr 30 2008
Aurora Gtk Engine

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Jan 03 2009
Thanks! :)

-c - Mar 19 2008
Hi Eric,

I'm very impressed with this theme, great work!

Can you (or anyone else) tell me what Window Border you're using? It looks nicely integrated.

Chris - Mar 19 2008