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Jul 04 2011
There are plenty of features in all mindmap softwares and I'm just at the beginning of mine...I'll look for ideas after implementing the basic featers. - Sep 13 2011
Great idea, I append it to the todo list. - Sep 13 2011
There are tags in qtmindmap git: 0.1 and 0.2, representing the achieved milestones: so after completing the undo and bezier edges functionalities, I'll tag master as 0.3 and so on. - Jul 04 2011
I see that Pardus is gentoo-based. I have put the source, the ebuild (and an irrevelant debian package :) ) here: but this qtapps page is updated too. The is only one ebuild, for 0.2, but there will be new ones when there is a new release. If someone want to have a gentoo/debian package from the latest master, he can modify the ebuild or my debian package creator script in qtmindmap/other. Is it ok like this? - Jul 04 2011
The 'undo' functionality is the next one on my list, however refactoring many parts for the needed 'command' design pattern will take some time. Thanks for the feedback. - Jun 28 2011
Careless refactor...thank you for your feedback, it is fixed now :) - Jun 27 2011