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Crystal Bruce Gatineau, Canada

Openbox Themes by Marika 7 comments

Well, this is embarrassing! I just put the folder in ~/.themes and it showed up in the Openbox Configuration Manager. Sorry for the previous comment. This theme is really lovely. It's a refreshing change from all of the dark themes and pink makes it even better! - Aug 15 2010

Openbox Themes by Marika 7 comments

I really like your theme so I downloaded it. I'm just not sure how to install it though. I was expecting a .obt file but there isn't one. Are you planning on making one? - Aug 15 2010
Candy dream

Wallpapers Gentoo by Lemonade 1 comment

This is a beautiful rework of the Air wallpaper. I find blue a bit boring all the time so I like to change it up. It's hard to find linux-inspired wallpapers that are pink. This one is really lovely! Thanks! - Jul 12 2010
Alternate Wicd Tray Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by kalmar 4 comments

Thanks for this! My system tray looks so much nicer now that the terrible wicd icon has been changed by your pale set! Your directions on how to install them were very clear too. - Jul 03 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions by Lechio 574 comments

Hi there!

I really love the Daisy plasmoid! I have always wanted a very simplistic desktop that was unique but still nice to look at. My desktop consists of Daisy in the middle (circular dock - what a great idea!) with a hidden panel. That's all! I uploaded two pictures to show off to my friends:

I found it more useful to have krunner as the application in the middle of Daisy.

When I have programs docked in the system tray, Daisy doesn't recognize that they are open. Do you plan to add this type of notification in future releases?

Also, for whatever reason, I can't seem to replace the trash can. I'm an avid shift+delete-r so I don't have any use for a trash can.

When I hover over the trash can, I get a mini-trash can icon in the corner of the bigger trash can. I think this happened with all the default icons, but I changed many of the launchers and icons. Is there a way to add the mini ones? Or is there a way to remove it from the trash can?

I am hoping that Daisy will help me be more productive. It is helpful to have my most used and favourite applications just one click away! Thank you for this! - Jul 28 2009
BSM Suite

GTK2 Themes by brunomarquesbr 41 comments

Oh, great! I'm looking forward to it! - Jul 05 2009
BSM Suite

GTK2 Themes by brunomarquesbr 41 comments

I always find it hard to find a small, light coloured theme (especially for KDE4, but that's another story). I use this theme because I have a small laptop screen so I rather keep room for my applications rather than tool bars.

I change the cursor to Chameleon Pearl and the icons to Tangerine. I love the little bits of colour and the simplistic look. It can match any wallpaper!

Thanks for putting so much time in to this. I never change my theme because I've grown to love this one so much. - Jul 04 2009
A penguin for everyone

Wallpaper Other by siska 6 comments

I forgot to add: I like that the svg doesn't have the text on it. You may want to update your description so others know before they download it. - Jul 04 2009
A penguin for everyone

Wallpaper Other by siska 6 comments

I love this wallpaper! I was expecting it to have that typical picture of Tux with two differently sized eyes... but this is much cuter. I really like the message it sends out. I set it as my desktop wallpaper. :) - Jul 04 2009