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1 day ago
Working perfectly now, if i find another issue i will report it here. Thanks for everything! - Aug 22 2017
Awesome Theme! - Aug 22 2017
You're awesome! i'm going to report you another one and this is the last one that i was able to find. The notifications have a white font, wich makes them nearly impossible to read.

Thanks! - Aug 21 2017
Thanks to you, it's nice to see that rapid responses. Sorry for bothering you again but i found another issue, in some programs some buttons are "invisible", when you highlight some of them with the cursor they appear, but other ones are completely invisible. I just take a screenshot from the Print Screen using your theme and the Elementary OS Default one so you can see what im talking about.

Thanks again for the fast answer
And as you can notice... English is not my native language im trying my best :S
- Aug 20 2017
Great theme!
im using it on my Elementary OS Loki but i have a problem, when i wrote on the terminal enough to activate the scroll a white bar appears on top and bottom of the terminal, you know how to fix that?
Thanks and Congratilations! - Aug 20 2017
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by eliverlara

Score 85.4%
9   Aug 22 2017
Awesome Theme!