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VimixDark Ubuntu

GTK3 Themes 3 comments

by ieng
Score 55.0%
Apr 18 2017
Any chance we may see a Shell Theme to gel with the GTK theme and Arc Ubuntu icons? - Apr 18 2017
This along with the Arc Ubuntu Icons are the best looking I have found! The theme works great on Gnome 3.24 as well as some of the other I've tried cause the windows to not look right. Hats off the the author!!!! - Apr 18 2017
Arc Ubuntu

Full Icon Themes 4 comments

by ieng
Score 58.0%
Apr 18 2017
Re-installed and looks great! Again, awesome job! Thanks for the all the hard work! - Apr 18 2017
Awesome icon theme. Only issue I can see is that by applying the theme through Gnome Tweak Tool is that there are two icons on my Activites Overview that are missing. The text is there but an empty space where an icon should be. Both 'Online Accounts' and 'Settings' are missing icons. - Apr 17 2017

Gnome Shell Themes 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Feb 09 2017
I have installed the theme per the installation text file but am unable to get the windows theme to take effect. I changed the GTK theme in Tweak Tool to GEIGHT2D but am unsure how to change the window theme as there is no option for it. The shell theme looks great but the window title bars and decorations do not work. I'm using Ubuntu Gnome 16.10. - Apr 06 2017