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Curtis Brown
AzenisBuntu plymouth themes

Plymouth Themes by pegellinux 12 comments

This is pretty sweet! Inspired me to want to learn to make my own Thanks! BTW "sudo cp -r /home/***/Download/AzenisBuntu/ ./" I believe it should be "Downloads" **note the added "s" at the end** at least on my machine it is :)
- Mar 13 2011
Da Vinci

GFXBoot by jimreynold2nd 9 comments

Can't seem to get this to extract to the boot folder.
I tried "gksudo nautilus" but still couldn't copy and paste. threw an error.
I need a "sudo cp ../../.." command?? Not sure....It's my first time trying to download and install anything from
Any help would be appreciated. but backed up my boot folder just in case I mess something up.

Thanks in advance - Dec 27 2008