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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

Audioplayers 391 comments

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Sep 29 2017
Thanks! Please feel free to send further updates/translatrions via email - my address is in the AUTHORS file.

Also, if you email me - then I can send you a copy of 0.2.0 for translating before I release it. - Jan 06 2012
Simple solution: Dont use that option! Really, what is the point? The libMaia has been modified, so is non standard, and its only 3 classes - hardly worth installing as a shared library. - Jan 06 2012
The dependencies are KDE4 and Qt4 libraries - which are pretty standard for a KDE app. - Jan 03 2012
D'oh!! Of course... Will be in 0.1.2 - Dec 28 2011
Ummm... Not sure I understand. All communication with mpd is through a socket. What exactly is missing???/? - Dec 26 2011
Not built against, Qt4.8 so I dont know... But at a guess, can you edit the top level CMakeLists.txt and change all occurrences of:




Does this help? - Dec 24 2011
The top level expand arrows are not there as I thought they just added visual noise. No big deal, I an always add them back if people prefer them that way... - Dec 22 2011
Do you mean slow at start-up when the collection is loaded? How slow is slow? How large is your collection? I have about 300 albums, and I dont notice any slow down. (Is it fast enough after the initial start? The MPD database is cached to an XML file, so should be quicker on restarts)

The search is just using Qt's inbuilt model filtering, so does not query mpd - as the whole collection list is in memory. - Dec 22 2011
BUG1: Edit gui/mainwindow.cpp at about line 1945 simply add: "if (trayItem) return;"

BUG2: Edit widgets/itemview.cpp, and comment out line 330 ( "connect(treeView, SIGNAL(activated(..." )

This should fix these issues. - Dec 21 2011
Middle-click feature, thanks I'll add this.

BUG1: I don't actually use the tray icon, hence I've not noticed this! I'll fix

BUG2: Ahh! Just noticed this. I have my KDE set to single click, so didnt see! Again, will fix.

Thanks for testing! - Dec 21 2011
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Widgets 642 comments

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Nov 10 2011
This happens with the standard taskbar too. I guess ideally it should limit the number of characters in the menu... - Dec 29 2011
1. The closing of the tooltip when you close a window is a known issue.

2. The issue with the long title - I don’t see this. The text is elided just fine for me. Which version of IconTasks are you using?

p.s. IconTasks is now in KDE, so please file bug reports there. Thanks. - Dec 29 2011
Odd. I dont see this - with KDE SC4.7. Which KDE version do you have? Does this occur with the standard taskbar? - Nov 22 2011
No idea about chrome, never used it.

But as I said, you *need* UnityFox (not UbuFox (whatever that is)) at 0.2.2 or newer. You *also* need to have libunity installed. (UnityFox dl-open's this)

Just tried with Kubuntu 11.10 and Firefox 7.0.1 - and it worked fine. - Nov 22 2011
Which version of UnityFox?

UnityFox has been updated, version 0.2.2 no longer requires DESKTOP_SESSION set to ubuntu. For an updated UnityFox see:
- Nov 21 2011
...and the separator takes space, and tips things over the edge. - Nov 12 2011
I think this is more due to the fact that the items are as small as they can go, hence another row is created. This is as I explained before. Not ideal, but tiny task items are not ideal either. - Nov 12 2011
Can you provide a screenshot? I've just tried toggling between 1 and 2, and it does seem to respect the setting. However, if the items are too thin, I think it breaks the setting - which I think is ok. - Nov 12 2011
As cmake is telling you, you need the dbusmenu-qt packages installed. - Nov 12 2011
No, grouping will *always* happen. Sorry, thats the way it is designed. I don't see any point in having two identical icons on the taskbar - you'd still need to mouse-over to determine which is which.

Code is already in KDE/master - kde-workspace for taskmanger library, and kdeplasma-addons for applet. Will be in KDE SC4.8 - Nov 11 2011
No, that cannot be it. I know there is a problem with the resizing, as this affected my attempts to have a center-aligned dock.

But, the tasks shown in the applet are the only ones it knows about. The taskmanager library will remove items when the desktop is switched. Basically, the library (taskmanager) knows about all windows/tasks all the time. But the applet only knows about what is displayed - hence can only size based upon this. - Nov 10 2011
The indicators can be themed, they come from the icontasks/indicators.svgz

If you edit this file, then you can control the colour and size - for size you probably need to add an invisible border. - Nov 10 2011
Its no big deal, as the version of taskmanager in IconTasks should be in sync with KDE/master - so if the custom version is installed, it wont harm anything.

Also, AFAIK, the current plan is to release the latest KDE4.7 libraries as KDE4.8 - so as to keep the current dependencies.

IconTasks itself is now in kdeplasma-addons. - Nov 10 2011
1. Oops! Fixed, will be in 0.9.2 - and is now fixed in KDE/master
2. Hmmm, not sure. If a user has disabled tooltips, then they are disabled. - Nov 09 2011
Not sure 100% what you are referring to. But it sounds like you have the kwin 'Highlight Windows' effect turned on, if so turn that off - kwin's config dialog is where the setting is. - Nov 09 2011
Centre aligning is on my todo. I have tried before, but failed :-( I could not get the applet to expand properly, but I do plan to implement this sometime. - Nov 09 2011
...and this works for IconTasks too - with this setting enabled, minimised tasks still have thumbnails. - Nov 08 2011
Just tried with KCalc, and it was only marked as active on the desktop/activity in which it was started.

Is chromium marked as needing attention? This could explain why you see it as active. - Nov 08 2011
No, a user (on the previous page) has managed to get this to compile with KDE 4.6.5 - Nov 08 2011
Which KDE version is this? - Nov 08 2011
That's a kwin issue. kwin generates the previews, all IconTask's does is tell kwin where to place the preview. - Nov 08 2011
You need to have the KDE development packages installed (kdelibs-dev, kde-worspace-dev, etc) - Nov 07 2011
This is due to the changes that occurred when merging my taskmanager changes upstream. This will be fixed in 0.9.1, the fix is...

edit dockitem.cpp, at line 121 change from:

if (!m_actionMenus.contains(container)) {
m_actionMenus.insert(container, new QMenu(container, 0));


if (!m_actionMenus.contains(container)) {
m_actionMenus.insert(container, new QMenu(container, 0));
- Nov 07 2011
In dockconfig.cpp, line 591 changr from:

model->data(index, Qt::DisplayRole).toString(),
QString(), KMessageBox::WindowModal);


to just:

model->data(index, Qt::DisplayRole).toString());
- Nov 06 2011
Just remove the "KMessageBox::WindowModal" parameter - its only required so that the info box does not block all off plasma.

Will place a conditional compile around this, so that it is only called for KDE>=4.7 - Nov 06 2011
The error was in the tooltip code, it was not calling the tooltipHidden function when the tooltip changed to the next item. So, all items recieved the play/pause presses.

to fix this, edit tooltips/tooltip.cpp and add the following to the start of "ToolTip::setContent"

QObject *source = d->;
if (source && source!=tipper && source->metaObject()->indexOfMethod("toolTipHidden()") != -1) {
QMetaObject::invokeMethod(source, "toolTipHidden");

Will fix in 0.9.1 Thanks for reporting! - Nov 06 2011
VLC ony has one dbus interface - org.mpris.vlc. This is shared between all instances - or rather, only the 1st will have the interface. So, you cannot control both. - Nov 06 2011
Yes. For Kubuntu 11.10, you only need the python-dockmanager package installed. IconTasks should handle the rest. - Nov 06 2011
There is nothing IconTasks can do to add support for kmess. Either a dock-manager plugin (you could base it upon the pidgin one) needs to be written, or you can edit kmess's .desktop file to have unity quicklist menus.

As for animations on the tooltip, its on my TODO. But is not a very high priority - at the moment I'm tying to get my taskmanager changes merged back into KDE. - Nov 02 2011
Oops, sorry. The dockmanager config UI is broken in 0.8.3 - the saving of the checkstate is not working. Will be fixed in 0.9.0 - Nov 01 2011
Right, think I've managed to recreate this - or at least found a new bug :-)

Chromium wouldn't happen to be the first launcher/entry on the taskbar? If so the following should fix the issue. Edit abstracttaskitem.cpp and about line 1204 change from:

busyWidget()->setGeometry(QRectF(pos.x(), pos.y(), iconR.width(), iconR.height()));


busyWidget()->setGeometry(QRectF(pos.x(), pos.y(), iconR.width(), iconR.height()));

i.e. add the "setGeometry(item->geometry());" line. - Nov 01 2011
1. v0.9.0 will move icons as they are dragged, and not show the drop indicator for launchers/tasks that are being moved.

2. When is the tooltip laggy? Before if is first displayed? Or when switching from one app to another? If its when its first displayed, you can configure IconTasks to immediately display the tooltip.

3. Not going to happen, sorry. IconTasks is designed to *always* group. - Oct 31 2011
Middle click to move to current desktop will be in 0.9.0

If you email me, I can send you 0.9.0 for translation before I release. - Oct 31 2011
You can do this already with the "Quick Access" and "Folder View" plasmoids. - Oct 31 2011
Odd, works fine for me. I can launcher thunderbird, then launch chrome (before thunderbird has completely loaded). - Oct 31 2011
Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean? Are you referring to the 'highlight windows' kwin effect? - Oct 28 2011
Can you contact me via email (my address is in the AUTHORS file)? I've removed the debug code from 0.8.2 (so as to help with a possible re-merge with KDE). None of the changes between 0.8.0 and 0.8.2 will have any affect on this. - Oct 27 2011
Hmm... Looks like QUrl is crashing. Is this with *any* task? Or just one particular task? - Oct 27 2011
Would this be a middle click on the tooltip?

Please feel free to email the translation (my address is in the AUTHORS file) - Oct 27 2011
KGtk (Use KDE Dialogs in Gtk Apps)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 453 comments

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Nov 03 2011
Does bluefish start via a shell script? If so, then kgtk-wrapper will not be able to determine if its a Gtka pp or not. To force kgtk-wrapper to use Gtk2 for 'bluefish' (or whatever the commandline name is), edit ~/.kde/share/config/kgtkrc to have:


Does that help? - Nov 08 2011
Score 80.8%
9   Dec 16 2010