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dmitriy kalinin
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I am sexy

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Aug 10 2008
to be honest my hope here was to create login screen for the next release of ubuntu...

thanks for the comment. you can always go to theme folder and clear "ubuntu.png" (dont delete, just erase the layer inside the image) and save.

--dmitriy - Aug 20 2008
some one told me i need to calibrate my display. but i cant figure it out, yet... - Aug 13 2008
You might be right about making the logo bigger...

Also i m trying to create new brown theme. check it out here:

thanks for suggestion,
dmitriy - Aug 13 2008 lets you download shared files wihtout registering, but may be they have some problem. Anyway here is a mirror:

thanks for rating
-dmitriy - Aug 12 2008
Here you go:

Reason its branded with ubuntu logo is because i hope this will become the default gdm theme for 8.10. But thats only a hope. - Aug 11 2008
I am Gnome sexy

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Aug 11 2008
If you having problems download from here is another source:

-dmitriy - Aug 12 2008
ur welcome
now its time to make a sexy gtk theme...and a bootloader... - Aug 11 2008