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coz DS Pittsburgh, United States of America
Wallpapers Ubuntu
Griffin Colora

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Jun 07 2018
Hello, I really love the griffin colora icons, However, just recently updated Fedora 28 to Fedora 29 and some of the icons no longer work properly. zip files, image files, video files, are now just a few pixels small. Apparently something changed in Mate DE. Do you know about this? - Nov 17 2018
AntiX Lpurple btb

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Jun 03 2008
hell, is it possible to get this and other wallpapers you have without the "antix" LOGO? - Apr 21 2013

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Jul 28 2013
Hey guy,
I really like the icons,, however, I cant use png in what I do,, do you have the svg set?
coz - Aug 15 2011

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Jan 01 2012
hey guy,
I have tested this on several systems and different versions of clean installed ubuntu.
I get the same readout.. I am guessing also that it is being blocked,, Hope this can be fixed :)
I enjoy the application

coz - Jul 20 2011
Hey guy,
After a while I keep getting this'

cosimo321@coz:~$ gsharkdown
^CTraceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 666, in <module>
File "/usr/share/gsharkdown/lib/", line 33, in run
File "/usr/share/gsharkdown/lib/", line 60, in getToken
"Cookie": "PHPSESSID=" + h["session"]})
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 955, in request
self._send_request(method, url, body, headers)
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 989, in _send_request
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 951, in endheaders
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 811, in _send_output
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 773, in send
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 1158, in connect
self.sock = ssl.wrap_socket(sock, self.key_file, self.cert_file)
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 344, in wrap_socket
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 121, in __init__
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 283, in do_handshake

any help would be appreciated

coz - Jul 19 2011
Impulse - PulseAudio visualizer

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Dec 12 2010
This has been an issue for me from day one,
Well done guy :)

coz - May 11 2011
hey guy,
I notice this is not sensitive unless the volume is near or at 100%!!
Is it possible to make it as highly sensitive throughout the volume range?

coz - May 11 2011
Hey guy,,
Very very nice indeed... love it however
Things work if I use pusleaudio but I dont :)
I have a pro sound card that i have to compile my own alsa driver for... the impulse screenlet seems to ONLY work with pulseaudio... is there any way to get this to work with my alsa driver??
At this point if I listen to music and use Impulse...things work well but if I go to youtube or watch a movie etc etc.. I have no sound because the screenlet is calling on pulseaudio and not my alsadriver.
Any help would be greatly the way ..any of us who are using a pro sound card we wouldnt be using pulseaudio by the way! :)*

coz - Jul 03 2010
Elegant Gnome Pack

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Nov 16 2010
hey guy,,,
Tried elegant gnome,,, didnt like so so rant the install to set the previous gnome.
Cant get into nautilus,,, icons on the desktop no longer respond to right click.
This was the only thing that had changed on this system for months
ubuntu lucid

coz - Mar 07 2011

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Jul 27 2010
Hey guy
When I click "Source" I open the wallpapers directory in my home directory and this is what it looks like;

all formats are greyed out unless I am doing somethin very wrong :)

coz - Jul 27 2010
Hey guy,,,

i have been trying to use qwatermark but all images in all formats are greyed out when I try to open one ..
i must be doing something wrong
Are there only a few formats the applications recognizes??

coz - Jul 26 2010

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Oct 11 2008
Hey guy,
i wanted to link you to this page,

there it says you are the author of the compiz logo icon..
Please change that on that site or contact the people who run that site..
That icon was created from scratch by graphfreak from brazil, specifically for the compiz project... there were no others involved in its creation.
please... out of cortesy,, and respect for the author...have that changed

coz - Jul 24 2010
Ambiance Refined II

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Aug 17 2010
Hey guy,
i am one of the support for compiz and quite frankly ,, the original theme is not attractive at all!
Your gray scale version is much more tasteful with a clearer color sense then the ubuntu art team's version.
Thanks for this... as one artist to another... i appreciate the good taste :)

coz - Jul 13 2010
Light Coffee

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Oct 28 2010
Hey guy there are no files withing that package!?!?
I have tried several times and it is empty.
is there another link?

coz - Feb 11 2010
elementary Icons

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Apr 09 2010
hey guy,
I found the 2.0.5 pacakge on one of my external .. all is well :)

coz - Jul 19 2009
Hey guy,
well the folder icons are of course seen head on in this version...not too bad but ...but the color is much darker and there is a white smudge that looks to be an reflection or highlight.
the zip or package font is blurry..not quite a intense ..
the previous version 2.0.5 the folder icons were angled back and to the right..they were lighter in color ...the zip or package icons were clear and distinct..when I first installed this new version I actually thought I downloaded the wrong package :(
it just looks like an entirely different theme!
I dont think I can get used to these icons..I guess they look overworked to me..whereas the previous version was neat..clean..and very elegant.
I dont know how to explain it better without sounding too picky or downing your creation...I am not trying to do that at all... I just preferred the original look of the theme... I cant find any saved package ..although I must have it somewhere :)
but no.. I cant get used to these.. beautiful theme but not for me but thanks for listening ...sorry though ..if I cant find the 2.0.5 then I have to find another theme or create one :)

thanks again
coz - Jul 18 2009
Hey guy,
this 2.1 version is essentially a completely different theme altogether...
the 2.0.5 elementary could be its own theme and this renamed to something other than elementary...why not offer both?? :)

coz - Jul 18 2009
Well first thanks for responding :)
Yeah,, the previous icons were sleek,, suimple..elegant...these new ones to me are typical of what you get on gnome-look.. I preferred the previous version because of it's uniquiness as well as the other icons in that set...
I may have it stored somewhere ...I hope... I honestly dont like the new version at all... the icons look too common place ..
I have created themes for cairo dock using the previous set of icons and now it doesnt look as nice..
I understand many people will like these but they had been so nice from the beginning I thought they would not change in appearance anyway :)
thanks anyway... maybe I have a previous version as i said

coz - Jul 18 2009
hey guy
dont mean to sound like a pest here but I just noticed the archive icons as well...seriously I need a pervious version

coz - Jul 18 2009
where can I get the previous version?

coz - Jul 18 2009
Hey guy,
well I have used these icons for sometime now..but in all honesty...I dont like this new version...the folder icons are getting too fancy...the previous versions were perfect...
if its not broken dont fix it :)
coz - Jul 18 2009
Hey guy love the icons use them exclusively but, this recent version has the gnome foot for the menu icon and I persoanlly think that particular icon should be nuked and forgotten I hate the darn thing so much and your previous elementary theme used the ubuntu symbol. as well small and large icons
pleas tell me how to get rid of that crap gnome foot icon

coz - Apr 28 2008
Oxygen-Refit 2 - Black Version

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Jul 16 2008
hey guy
that link still downloads only png icons
no biggie..if not available then I am just out of luck :)

coz - Jul 18 2009
Hey guy, real nice sets of icons, but scalable icons are generally svg format. I was hoping you could upload the svg files for these as well. i try to stay away from anything but svg icons.

coz - Mar 30 2009
MacUltimate Leopard

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Jan 27 2010
Hey guy,
nice icons for sure but they are all in .png format??o0
Png is NOT scalable techically they must be .svg you have the svg icon theme of these?

coz - Jul 18 2009
Karbon4 for KDE4

KDE 4 Splashscreens 9 comments

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Apr 21 2008
Hey guy
for some reason the progress images are off to the left on my 19" monitor. any way to get that centered by editing the contents?

coz - Jun 26 2009
I am sexy

GDM Themes 15 comments

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Aug 10 2008
Hey guy,
I have been using this theme for some time now.. I really like it however I cant find a "sessions" button.
You think you could update this to have one.


ciz - Apr 20 2009

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Jan 28 2009
Love the look but why the heck .7z?????
tar.gz is more typical and certainly easier to install on

coz - Jan 29 2009
The Greyhound Theme

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Jan 10 2009
Hey guy,
I just reinstalled murrine svn and all is working well.
sorry to have put you through this!
next time a second look at the install should prevent me from complaining too soon :)
thanks again for the time and I do like the theme.
i find that creating dark themes are the most difficult..values matching..proper hues etc etc.

coz - Dec 18 2008
hey guy,
Ok here is the terminal readout when having gcalctool opened and switching to greyhound;

error: unexpected identifier `gradient_shades', expected character `}'

Also , no none of the dust themes work either with similar errors;;

error: unexpected identifier `colorize_scrollbar', expected character `}'

coz - Dec 18 2008
hey guy,
Unfortunately it is still white.
i dont understand is murrine 0.6-1 not the svn version?
that is the one I have installed!

coz - Dec 18 2008
I assume you already uploaded the new theme and here is a screenshot of the theme config;

not sure what to do at this point :)

coz - Dec 17 2008
Hey guy
I have murrine 0.6-1 installed and your theme is white under ubuntu hardy.
I came up against no errors when compiling murrine svn and apparenlty I have done something wrong
coz - Dec 17 2008
Ubuntu Crystal Cursors

Cursors 4 comments

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Sep 14 2007
Hey guy,
Great theme for the mouse cursor.
I use it all the time.
i would Like to see this become default for ubuntu.
Have you talked with the ubuntu people aobut this?
Give it a try to the ubuntu art team. I am a member of the art team but somewhat delinguent in attendance. howver I believe this is a worth while default theme for the cursors..

coz - Oct 05 2008

GTK2 Themes 131 comments

by sen7
Score 53.3%
Nov 11 2008
Hey guy,
I have a couple things here...
When changing the name of a file or directory the cursor blink cannot be seen..this is pretty difficult to be sure just where the cursor blink is :)
i still love this theme:)
coz - Sep 24 2008
Hey guy,
I have to appologize for my two previous comments.
The firefox thing was taken care of the nest time i restarted X ? and the buttons I just changed the value of the dots in the gtk images.
so sorry again

coz - Sep 24 2008
i am a great lover of dark themes and there are so few that actually make it worth the effort of installing themn.
This is one that is worth it! :)
however I do have one issue at this point and that is the firefox buttons,

The text is not visible..I realize there are several issues in general with dark themes,,of course firefox..proper color and value definitions..etc.
I have only just now installed this and so far this seems to be the only issue

coz - Sep 24 2008
Ubuntu Dust

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Sep 08 2008
hey guy,
uvuntu hardy already install murrine deb pacakge but the dust tar.gz must be corrupt.
It will not install with error calling
and it will not extract either.
let me know if there is alternative download link.
coz - Sep 21 2008
hardy-heron custom svg logo

Cliparts 2 comments

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May 25 2008
Excellent design.
Simple, clean, nice!

coz - Sep 18 2008
Ubuntu - free your mind

Wallpapers Ubuntu 5 comments

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Aug 12 2008
hey guy,
I like the wallpaper however would it be possible to get just the background without the ubuntu symbol and the text?
Or can you tell me how to create the horizontal pinstripes

coz - Aug 04 2008

GTK2 Themes 11 comments

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Oct 05 2008
Hey guy,
Absolutely beautiful.
I love it.
I use emerald along with this and rarely use the gtk theme for the title bars.
Perfect grey on this.
It is difficult to get a nice dark theme just right and I think you are one of the few who has succeeded !
Congratulations! :)
coz - Jul 03 2008
aMule/eMule SVG Icon

Icon Sub-Sets 2 comments

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Jan 01 2007
well I like the icon but it is not editable in Inkscape and I need to know how this was created in order to edit it :)
coz - Apr 24 2008
Calendar Simple Theme

Conky 7 comments

by Yahya
Score 58.0%
May 20 2008
hey guy
I like this. Simple themes go a long way on most desktop background.
Transparent calendars even further.
Nice thanks
coz - Mar 22 2008
Shutdown Screenlet

Conky 3 comments

by Whise
Score 58.0%
Feb 21 2008
hey guy I downloaded this and the icon you have previewed here is not the same icon in the theme folder.
Do you have the svg icon you have showing here avaiable?

coz - Mar 04 2008

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Jun 27 2008
Hey guy
I just cant get this installed I keep getting "The file format is invalid"
any help would be appreciated :)
coz - Jan 15 2008

Icon Sub-Sets 10 comments

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Oct 14 2007
i just wanted to say that your area icons are very unique and non traditional.
This is a good thing! :)
I like the break from tradition when art is concerned.
Extremely nice very unusual and appealing.

coz - Jan 10 2008

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Aug 16 2008
I was hoping you had this set of icons in svg format. If they are avaiable..would it be possible to post those as well?
coz - Nov 18 2007
by coz
Score 50.0%
Sep 25 2007
Hey DRoy
Thanks for the compliment! :)
i added the gentoo logo as well as the KDE and Gnome logos and a few others including an extra fish. This package can replace the entire Test theme folder under /usr/local/share/screenlets/Test/themes
I have made the one compiz fusion logo the dafualt for this screenlet.
coz - Sep 25 2007
Hey DRoy
Thanks for the compliment! :)
i added the gentoo logo as well as the KDE an Gnome logos and a few others including an extra fish. This package can replace the entire Test theme folder under /usr/local/share/screenlets/Test/themes
I have made the one compiz fusion logo the dafualt for this screenlet.
coz - Sep 25 2007