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cool man
Konqui et Boobs

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Nov 05 2001
Sorry to spoil everyone's fun, but this is inappropriate. I send my family to kdelook for wallpapers, and I'm havin' my little sister come across this?!

Please lets keep 'contributions' like these to a *minimal*. - Oct 28 2002
Aki Ross

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Apr 14 2002
Dude, lets not split hairs about the definition of 'porn'. However, I must say that I am offended by this, and I must request that 'contributions' like this be stopped.

I've been trying to get my family interested in using linux, and now, when I send them to for wallpapers, they discover stuff like this! 'Contributions' like this give the whole scene a bad name. - Oct 28 2002
Aki Ross

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by tinb
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Feb 10 2002
This isn't what I would call family frienly. - Oct 28 2002
Fireworks (OpenGL) - Source

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Aug 07 2002
I'm running RedHat 7.3 right now. (In case it matters.) - Oct 26 2002
Yo. Screensaver looks nice dude. Only one problem. It doesn't seem to want to run for me. :( I have gotten it to build and install. (With some minor tweaking, addressed in some earlier comments.) But every time I try to run it, it pops up with a window for an instant, then goes away with "Aborted" on my console.

I've tried everything I know to try. What now? - Oct 26 2002