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Commander Sirow , Germany
Scripted Image Wallpaper Plugin

Plasma 4 Extensions by priomsrb 7 comments

In case anybody might be interested, I've uploaded an updated and improved version to:

@Shafqat Bhuiyan: Thanks for making this plugin, it would have taken me way longer to code this myself if I didn't have yours as inspiration/reference! :) - Jan 07 2013

KDE 4 Splashscreens by 17poison 7 comments

I really like this splash screen (Bleach wooohooo!!! :D), but for some reason this does not them to work with dual screen *sadface*

I've tested this with some other custom splash screens and it seems like your's is not the only one. :(

I tried fixing this myself (by using a working one as reference: ) but wasn't able to get it working...
any ideas? - Jan 04 2013