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Nathan Parsons Launceston, United Kingdom

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Oct 26 2009
I think it would look better without the spikes below the giraffe, to me they look out of place. And I would probably lessen the indent on the front of the giraffe.

But other than that I like it; it's simple and it's effective. - Oct 26 2009
For human beings

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Sep 30 2009
I like it, but I don't like white wallpapers so I did a quick edit to make myself a blue version. - Sep 30 2009
Planet Love / If I was God

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May 04 2009
I think that you would struggle to find a picture from the correct perspective, so I think you'll just have to leave it. Unfortunately there's no quick fix; most pictures of the Moon are from the Earth.

It looks fine as it is, it's more of a conceptual thing than a realistic one so I guess it's fine to leave it. - Aug 20 2009
I quite like this one, it's a very good idea, and well made.

My only issue is that the Moon is technically wrong (I'm such a pedantic nerd). The Moon is in a captured orbit and so you wouldn't see that side of the moon from that perspective. To be honest it doesn't matter, I just thought I'd notify you. - May 06 2009
Font Installer

Nautilus Scripts 24 comments

by Vecna
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Nov 27 2009
It's purely personal preference, but I prefer to just copy the fonts not move them. So I did have to change 'mv' to 'cp', but otherwise it's a brilliantly simple script which makes life easier, and for that I thank you. - Aug 19 2009
Tangled Web

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Mar 07 2009
Yeah, and it is always possible for people to use GIMP to change the colour.

It's a bit like the Ubuntu colours, some people hate the browns and beiges, but I don't really mind them. - Mar 11 2009
I like the idea, in fact you inspired me to make my own, but I'm really not sure about the colour. - Mar 10 2009

GTK2 Themes 663 comments

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Aug 03 2009
I really do think that that is more of a mouse setup thing. My mouse will do that if I move my mouse whilst right clicking. Try simply right-clicking without your hand near the touchpad. - Jan 03 2009
What Tux should look like

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Apr 18 2008
The original Tux was more sophisticated, contented.

Have you ever read why Tux looks like he does?

I am aware that a penguin was used so that it could be modified and remain recognisable, but I don't think that you ever could replace Tux. You can make different versions, but you can never replace him. - Apr 19 2008