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Nov 13 2004
The new release supports docking into the systray. The number of new messages can be displayed directly in the systray, or the icon is displayed only when there are new messages.

Hope that does it for you. If not, tell me! :) - Nov 13 2004
There is a very simple possibility to run LogViewer in the background permanently:

Just add a child panel to the upper edge of your desktop and add LogViewer to that panel. If you make it disappear automatically, it's not in the way at all and whenever you want to look at your system's logfiles, just move the mouse to the top of your desktop and you can see the last few lines.

That's the way I use LogViewer. :) - Nov 11 2004
Yes, enable double clicking to open "show whole list" shouldn't be much of a problem. The next release will have that feature. - Nov 11 2004

I'll add the ability to monitor more than 10 logfiles in the next version of logviewer. The system that manages each logfile process is able to manage much more than 10 files at a time, so it'll be no problem. :) - Feb 07 2004
Sorry that my program is unusable for you!
The intention was to write a small program that can display logfiles directly in the panel, for example to monitor hotplug / battery events on notebooks, phone calls on my desktop system, and it seems to work (except from some minor bugs that I work on at the moment :)) great for many people.
On the other hand I'm always glad about comments and suggestions, so tell me what exactly you want, maybe it's possible to include it - Jan 19 2004