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Linux MultiMedia Studio

Audio Apps 114 comments

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Nov 21 2007
I realised after doing some more digging that it isn't a KDE app, shame really, would like to see this taking advantage of KDE's dialogs and what not.

Is there an aim to port this to OSX & Windows? If not has moving to be a KDE app been considered?

Also on the colour scheme front, seems like not the best option. Although it does look very nice, it would begin to annoy me after a while, not having it intergrated as well into the rest of my environment. This is the type of app id use for hours on end and it's colour scheme is pretty important. I just don't feel that we need more audio apps copying teh big names and theming it to look like a real studio is the way to go, because a computer isn't the same as a mixing desk & various rack mount stuff. But i'm sure the team will look towards innovation once a stable, feature rich state is released.

The VST intergration looks very nice also, rather impressive.

None the less, this is looking very interesting. I may give it a whirl if any Arch Linux packages pop up.

Thanks for the reply and broadening the choice of audio apps on Linux.

Lou - Dec 23 2005
Looks very professional indeed. However one thing worries me, themeing. Does this obey the KDE defuault colour schemes and what not, or is it constantly the grey colour?
It does look nice like that but i worry about usability and not being able to change the colour scheme/theme?

If it's a branding issue, i think teh fact it's a KDE app using kde icons in this field is more than enough.

Also how stable is it, because at the moment rosegarden is far too unstable for everyday use. Is this superior to rosegarden in that respect?

Thanks - Dec 23 2005
Ark Linux

Various KDE Stuff 16 comments

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Aug 21 2007
Does mission control really use the noia icons even if you're using, say crystal?

please say it isn't so - Oct 08 2005
Relaxing Blue

KDE 3 Color Schemes 3 comments

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Sep 10 2005

looks like a nice colour scheme - Sep 10 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 3 comments

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Sep 02 2005
KDE can already show disks on desktop and when they're ejected they're removed (thanks to HAL).

Right click on desktop > configure desktop > behaviour > device icons > "Show device icons".

also from kde 3.5 they'e be automouonted and possability to start a specific app aswell. - Sep 03 2005
Dragon Player

Video Players 278 comments

by eean
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Feb 26 2008
Thanks for the reply, kepp up the good work ;) - May 13 2005
Just compiled codeine beta6 and it seems (like in beta5 also) dvd menus don't work in the sense that it isn't possible to select any part of teh menu, there is a reaction (buttons glow etc), but now ability to select said button.

Arch Linux
xine-lib 1.0.1-1
gcc 3.4.3-2

Thanks - May 12 2005
ahh yes, issue with my ARch pkg, all's good now :) - Nov 06 2004
In the "about codeine" window it lists it as codeine 1.0 alpha1? even in beta2?

Just so you know. - Nov 06 2004
Kubuntu Splashy Theme

Various Stuff 7 comments

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Apr 19 2005
no worries, thanks :D - Apr 24 2005
The error image says:

"Error: An Error is occured during boot...
Switching to Verbose Mode..."

notice the use of capital at start of words, also notice "an error is occured.

it should read

"Error: An Error Has Occured During Boot...
Switching To Verbose Mode..."

(notice use of caps)

also possibly change the background.jpg to have a capital F for "For".

Thanks for the work and listening, Lou - Apr 20 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes 7 comments

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Jun 02 2005
You really should demonstrate this style using a partially attractive setup, to be honestly brutal, it's absolutley awful, show some screen shots using a higher resolution (if you have the hardware capabilities that is) and not the nasty colours and reduciously nasty kicker config, then maybe more people will try it/vote good.... - Apr 19 2005

Office Apps 20 comments

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Apr 12 2005
erm... the name?

kniga? does it bring up knigger to anyone else? ;) - Mar 30 2005

Music Production 13 comments

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Feb 15 2006
I've been anticipating this for a long time, got 1.0RC1 on here, atm, seems fine.
Thanks you.

One of the many links in the chain of using Linux to do some 'real' audio work is now inlplace.
Next on list:

JACK/"realtime stuff"... ;) working sanely with normal users, that's be nice :) - Feb 14 2005
one issue i had with cvs from about 2 weeks ago was that when recording one track which was rhythm and then a second seperate audio track which was lead, when recording lead i couldn't hear rhythm playback in the bacground, not sure if it was a config option anywhere, i checked but couldn't find it. strange thing was if i started recording not at begining of track but about 10 seconds in i got the rhythm track audio, but recording was all wrong., not in time. - Dec 17 2004
AM-a-RoK-star - The Band

Various Artwork 17 comments

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Dec 21 2004
they both have bass guitars... :P - Jan 11 2005
Pen Drive Device

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 14 comments

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Dec 23 2004
No, really, it's a nice workaround, but what KDE really needs is real HAL intergration, otherwise we just get pendrive devices for iPod's SCSI drives and any usb mass storage devices, which doesn't really work usability-wise IMHO. - Dec 23 2004

Plasma 4 Extensions 28 comments

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Mar 09 2011
i do wonder why were still getting all these different network interface monitoring applets such as this, knetworkmonitor and knemo, wouldn't it be much more useful to create a KDE frontend to networkmanager(1) and use HAL and all it's goodness, no need to worry about maintaining teh backend tehn, and it supports some great stuff liek automatic network switching and great stuff like that.!? - Dec 17 2004
Kopete Visual

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 60 comments

by gr3gg
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May 17 2005
are you planning on having the optio ofr either sidebar in some sort of .rc? that would be much nicer, seen as this sidebar is much more asthetically pleasing that KDE's.

Please ;) - Nov 11 2004
KLol, so it is... what i meant was.......


yeah, yeah Konference.

;) - Nov 09 2004
since kopete cvs now uses konversation for msn video chat, do you plan on taking this into account with the main window design? eg using the toolbar or seperate window? - Nov 09 2004
Kaffeine Player

Video Apps 179 comments

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Jul 06 2008

this now only happens when pressing apply, and not ok. - Nov 05 2004
I see there's still the crash when changing to 5.1 surround sound in the xine engine parameters, this really needs fixing, it's the reason i havn't been using kaffeine 5.0rcx.... - Nov 05 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 27 comments

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Aug 02 2005
any reason it's written in python/Qt rather than c++/Qt? - Nov 01 2004
Improving KDE

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 313 comments

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Nov 28 2004
seem to be nuvola... - Oct 25 2004
Well it's just an option in an rc file to specify icon size.

and tbh, it's a usability improvement, think about the people with bad eyesight or massive screens, 16x16 just doesn't always cut it.

Plus kmenu looks crappy with tiny icons and 32x32 desktop icons etc... - Oct 25 2004
not sure if you saw my commentthe other day, but how about looking into the ability to modify the size of icons in Kmenu, this is done in suse 9.x and greatly improves the look of kde when using larger icons elsewhere, it seems to intergrate kmenu back into kde.

Also on the status bar comments made, how about removing the frames within, or around all of the status bar? i saw it in a patch the other week, but can't find it now, it also tidy'ed up the look of konqy in paticular, and would improve the new sidebar even more!

so, any comments on those to almost wishlist ideas? - Oct 25 2004
Can't remember where i saw it, but how about removing the small, ugly frames around each object in the status bar, it appeared to tidy up the look alot.

Also, considered a patch for allowing different sized icons in Kmenu a la Suse 9.x?

Lou - Oct 18 2004
KPager2 for Kicker

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 176 comments

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Mar 31 2005
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:22: error: `KPagerMainWindow' has not been declared
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:23: error: non-member function `const char* className()' cannot have `const' method qualifier
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:27: error: `KPagerMainWindow' has not been declared
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:28: error: `KPagerMainWindow' has not been declared
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:28: error: `staticMetaObject' was not declared in this scope
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:31: error: `KPagerMainWindow' has not been declared
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:39: error: `KPagerMainWindow' has not been declared
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:50: error: `KPagerMainWindow' has not been declared
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:72: error: `KPagerMainWindow' has not been declared
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp: In function `void* qt_cast(const char*)':
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:75: error: invalid use of `this' in non-member function
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:77: error: `KPagerIface' undeclared (first use this function)
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:77: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appearsin.)
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:77: error: expected primary-expression before ')' token
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:77: error: expected `;' before "this"
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:77: error: invalid use of `this' in non-member function
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:78: error: cannot call member function `virtual void* QWidget::qt_cast(const char*)' without object
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp: At global scope:
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:81: error: `KPagerMainWindow' has not been declared
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp: In function `bool qt_invoke(int, QUObject*)':
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:84: error: `reallyClose' undeclared (first use this function)
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:86: error: cannot call member function `virtual bool QWidget::qt_invoke(int, QUObject*)' without object
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp: At global scope:
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:91: error: `KPagerMainWindow' has not been declared
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp: In function `bool qt_emit(int, QUObject*)':
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:93: error: cannot call member function `virtual bool QWidget::qt_emit(int, QUObject*)' without object
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp: At global scope:
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:97: error: `KPagerMainWindow' has not been declared
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp: In function `bool qt_property(int, int, QVariant*)':
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:99: error: cannot call member function `virtual bool QWidget::qt_property(int, int, QVariant*)' without object
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp: At global scope:
kpagermainwin.moc.cpp:102: error: `KPagerMainWindow' has not been declared
make[2]: *** [kpagermainwin.moc.lo] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/var/abs/local/kpager2/src/kpager2-0.5.2/kpager2/src'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/var/abs/local/kpager2/src/kpager2-0.5.2/kpager2'
make: *** [all] Error 2
==> ERROR: Build Failed. Aborting...

That's on Arch Linux using kde 3.3.1 - Oct 22 2004
'Q' DVD-Author

Video Apps 81 comments

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Jan 09 2010
as i said, this was with 0.6, not tried 0.7 yet... - Jul 07 2004
Ok, i'm a pkg maintainer for ArchLinux (KDE maintainer), 1stly i found the gui compiler thing to be a pain, espically when making pkg's, it's not really needed, so the ability to comile as normall (maybe ./configure --without-gui && make && make install ?).

Secondly, when i was trying to make a DVD the problem i had was with the video files, they were just standard mpg's and .avi's, would be nice if there was the ability to convert them to the desired format (dvd compatible mpg's), maybe using mencoder or ffmpeg or the mpeg tools?

Just for thought... - Jul 06 2004

Audio Apps 17 comments

by comix
Score 50.0%
Nov 16 2009
Building on Arch Linux with gcc 3.4....

Hydrogen.cpp: In member function `void Hydrogen::setTapTempo(float)':
Hydrogen.cpp:2505: error: call of overloaded `abs(float)' is ambiguous
/usr/include/stdlib.h:740: note: candidates are: int abs(int)
/usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/3.4.0/../../../../include/c++/3.4.0/cstdlib:153: note: long long int __gnu_cxx::abs(long long int)
/usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/3.4.0/../../../../include/c++/3.4.0/cstdlib:123: note: long int std::abs(long int)
make[2]: *** [Hydrogen.o] Error 1 - Jul 07 2004
Taskbased Desktop

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 25 comments

by zammi
Score 50.0%
Jun 10 2004
slicker is very adaptable, and that's just teh start what you've seen, more work is still to come, just wait on the dev... - Jun 10 2004
That little 'kick in the corner' is slicker (

;) - Jun 10 2004

Network 805 comments

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Aug 20 2015
ah, i gto confused between system and interface uptime, but it definetly needs sorting (look at the uptime here...

maybe a daemon which starts at boot and then knemo get the uptime from there? that way we get an accurate uptime rather than that from KDE logging on and the service starting? - Jun 06 2004
It would be nice if teh uptime was directly got from teh machine, rather than a counter for howlong teh service has been running, i paticularly noticed this when i installed 0.1.6 and teh uptime reset.

Also, when i installed 0.1.6 the icons disapeared and it's now just one of those 'no icon' icons... - Jun 05 2004

Various KDE Stuff 44 comments

by aivs
Score 50.0%
May 03 2004
what, where did skins come from, KDE doesn't do skins, and skinning just a bloody menu is quite pointless... - May 01 2004
I know you mentioned you liek teh look of slicker earlier, have you had a look at the mockup and planned KMenu for Slicker? - May 01 2004
Rectangular KDE start/menu button

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 47 comments

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Jun 29 2004
why, why, why, why?

This isn't windows (although some of you screenshots try to say something else!)

/me really does love innovation ;) - Apr 20 2004
This Computer

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 16 comments

Score 50.0%
Apr 20 2004
this really reminded me how ugly KDE names devices, we could have a semi-decent centric area for playing with removeable devices here, but the ugly naming scheme kills this... - Apr 19 2004

Icon Sub-Sets 149 comments

Score 50.0%
Jun 18 2018
Don't forget Leinir's "Reinhardt" iconset as it is a pretty big obvious influence with this set.

Personally neither sets are particularly my taste, I'm a crystal fan-boy ;) although i can see room for sets like there.

;) - Apr 19 2004
KDE Realtime Scheduling toolset

System Software 5 comments

by renci
Score 50.0%
Mar 14 2004
Very nice playlist, we all know TMV are amazing!

:D - Mar 14 2004

System Software 56 comments

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Apr 25 2005
the .ui files really need sorting out... they're really bad... so i'm currently doing that for the qt 3.3 version, i can't be arsed to sort out people's "legacy" software (KDE 3.1.x) ;)

i'll mail them to you stefano when i'm happy they look presentable. - Feb 16 2004
Ok, got Qt 3.3, now i got these errors on compiliation.

ktm_wizard.ui.h:158: warning: statement with no effect
{standard input}: Assembler messages:
{standard input}:37: Error: symbol `b' is already defined
{standard input}:43: Error: symbol `qWarning' is already defined
{standard input}:49: Error: symbol `ico' is already defined
{standard input}:97: Error: symbol `addPage' is already defined
{standard input}:211: Error: symbol `addPage' is already defined
{standard input}:253: Error: symbol `addPage' is already defined
{standard input}:277: Error: symbol `connect' is already defined
{standard input}:283: Error: symbol `connect' is already defined
{standard input}:289: Error: symbol `connect' is already defined
{standard input}:295: Error: symbol `connect' is already defined
{standard input}:301: Error: symbol `connect' is already defined
{standard input}:307: Error: symbol `connect' is already defined
{standard input}:313: Error: symbol `connect' is already defined
{standard input}:319: Error: symbol `connect' is already defined
{standard input}:325: Error: symbol `connect' is already defined
{standard input}:337: Error: symbol `setTitle' is already defined
{standard input}:343: Error: symbol `setTitle' is already defined
{standard input}:349: Error: symbol `setTitle' is already defined
make[2]: *** [ktm_wizard.o] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/var/abs/custom/KTrayNetworker/src/ktraynetworker-0.6/src'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/var/abs/custom/KTrayNetworker/src/ktraynetworker-0.6' - Feb 10 2004
seems that it's built using designer 3.3, i'd reccomend building it with 3.2.3 since that is the reccomended lowest version for 3.2 and the 3.3 ui files don't seem to be backwards compatible. - Feb 07 2004
It would be nice, but when the app uses technology only available in 3.2 it makes it a little difficult, plus 3.2 will eb standard just about by april time (when the distro's chuck out) so why do back-porting now?

If someone really needs this on 3.1 i'm sure they could have a bash at back-porting - Feb 05 2004
hi again stefano, all seems good, hows the new UI going?

Tranlations, what languages?
Iconset, have you tried contacting everaldo to see if he's willing to do a few?

hope all goes well, and i'm willing to help in anyway, just contact me! - Feb 03 2004
HI again....
Hope you get this one, i won't attach the mockups this time, hopefully i can get them to you when we get to speak.

Basically i wanted to try and help development in some way to make the app more user-friendly interface wise as to help acceptance into KDE-proper, this is as i believe that KDE needs these sort of things, and given it is distro-neutral it should be in there!

Anyways, it would be great if you could setup a Sourceforge account, then we can make use of a Mailing List to speak about improvements and provide a 'sure-fire' way of getting in touch, from there we can discuss meeting up on IRC and ways to improve the app, extend it!

Just incase you can't or don't want to setup a SF account, here's how to get in touch via IRC:

server irc?
port? 6667
gmt time? 1500 GMT onwards on the 31st Jan
channel? #slicker
nick? cmf

just use ksirc or something to get on IRC.

thanks again
Lou Grenwood
aka cmf - Jan 30 2004
...again :D

Anyways, seen as it seems the mail didn't through, do you frequent any IRC channels (on freenode specifically) and if so what's your nick and which channel, i'd like to speak, if that's ok?!

btw, i'm usually in #slicker using the nick cmf if you wish to find me, just ask for me there, peopel should say when i usually come on, if not i should be in there at about 1400-1500 GMT, thanks. - Jan 29 2004
so, does that mean you recieved it, i'm at college and can't check my mail here.... i started to try and implement the stuff my self, but designer is being a little silly and i can't really understand it and get the code to use it as the main window. - Jan 28 2004