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Christian Medina

Wallpaper Other by cmedina 8 comments

Link is fixed now, it should take you now to dropbox so you can choose the one you like. Just let me know if it doesn't works for you and thanks for your interest in my artwork and informing me about the broken links. - Apr 15 2013

Wallpaper Other by cmedina 8 comments

Thanks man. I am trying to get better on this (using GIMP). The artwork I am doing on this page are my first experiences as CG Artist, I am a programmer.

BTW, I've just updated it because there was something in the previous one that didn't convince me. I would like to know your opinion for the updated version. - Mar 22 2011

Wallpapers Gnome by cmedina 3 comments

Thanks, I am looking forward to do more... still on my learning process. The reason I made it its because I love Linux and Gnome, and I would like to contribute with free wallpapers targeted to them... - Mar 20 2011