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Carlos Woelz

Network by George666 199 comments

This is just great! Why don't you add it to the kde repository? kdenetwork could use something like this imho. - Jul 12 2005

Network by crissi 129 comments

Just mail, and apply for including your app in the kde-review module.

The kde-review module was created for you! - Jul 12 2005
Quanta KDE DocBook Toolbars

Developers Apps by clwoelz 7 comments

Yes, there is an installer now. Also, the README had an error that has been fixed. - Oct 04 2004
Quanta KDE DocBook Toolbars

Developers Apps by clwoelz 7 comments

Currently, you have to load the toolbars one by one, and save it as a project view. But there is a better way to do it. Wait for the next release, it will contain an installer. - Sep 27 2004
Quanta KDE DocBook Toolbars

Developers Apps by clwoelz 7 comments

Oh, It will. I am working with the developers to include it. However, it can't be included in the stable 3.3 version, because I am adding strings. So I will maintain it here anyway. - Sep 25 2004
Quanta Docbook Toolbars

Developers Apps by betogm 5 comments

Hey, I am working on it too! I already have a lot of toolbars.
My toolbar are a bit KDE DocBook specific, but I am sure there is much in common.

Maybe we can join efforts! - Sep 17 2004
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KDE 3.x Splash Screens by asciiwhite 20 comments

"If thats the case why arn't you expressing your opinion to other pieces on this site? I think your deceiving yourself. Is it a silent protest on naked woman but a focal one on anti-republican pieces?"

You insist I am a republican, even after telling you that I am brazilian, and pro-Kerry.

"Here is an idea instead of attacking art why don't you sit down chill out and make some art for this site :)"

Because I never seen anyone leaving the KDE project because of that, and I have seen more than three people leave the KDE project for political reasons. I would hate to see more of this happening.

Now I will stop discussing this with you, as everything I tell you you think is a conspiracy. I am trying to start a meaningfull discussion here:

Is this the place to discuss political issues (even through art)? A volunteer project rely on what brings people together, not in what takes them apart.

I am seriously trying to discuss this issue. I am not even trying to say: where is the authorization for use of gollum's body, because I know that is not the issue here. I would be really glad if you could do the same and stop nitpicking me.

Bye bye. - Aug 14 2004
Unconstitutional USA.

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by asciiwhite 20 comments

Where? - Aug 13 2004
Unconstitutional USA.

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by asciiwhite 20 comments

"Sexual organ?, That is the body of Goleom from the Lord of the Rings, Did you ever see his 'sexual organs' in the movie? What you are referring too is actually just apart of his clothing, which is in rags."

Ok, you are correct It is gollum's body indeed.

"Well under your logic, we should ban anything 'controversial' that's not conserative media."

No, under my logic we should ban all political and religious stuff that may be offensive, including conservetive propaganda. Why do you think I have a conservative bias?

In the past, Neil Stevens included in the credits of his KDE application a thank you to the American Army, for "maintaining the freedom required to write free software".

People in KDE did not agree with this statement, ant the credit was removed. See more about it here:

As you can see, you cannot say that this general policy is "pro-conservative". quite the other way around: most of the KDE developers are not conservatives.

"Art is about creation and thinking 'outside the box' limiting the extend of creation is limiting art."

I agree with your definition of art. I am a big supporter of free speach. However, I am not sure this is the best forum to share and discuss art, just because "kde-look" starts with "kde". In another website, I have absolutely nothing against it. In fact, I strongly support it.

"I'm sure you will find people offended by some of the naked/bikini art pieces done here too"

I am totally against naked pictures. And I have strong reservations about bikini art, as it is a problem for muslim countries.

"Also you might find some people are offended by of penguins, are we going to ban penguins from this site too?"

If it was a large percentage of the population, yes, I would favor banning the penguins as well.

"What flame war ??, This is a site dedicated to art submittion for kde,it isn't a forum, If someone doesn't like my art they don't have to look at it or for that fact download it and use it."

Someone could start posting pro-bush art just to counter your anti-bush art, starting a art-war :)

"Why are you targeting my work which is one among the many of political statement pieces on this site, Looking through your 'user info' i don't see you having issues with other people's political work."

Point me the pieces, and I will act with them the same way as I am doing with your piece. - Aug 13 2004
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KDE 3.x Splash Screens by asciiwhite 20 comments

OK, let me try to give you some backgroud here.
1) I do not speak for the admin of or kde.
2) I am brazilian and pro Kerry, so I am not offended at all with your submission. I am just worried about the consequences.

Bush in a monkey body, showing his sexual organ is very offensive for the people who support him.
Someone may want to conter-attack and draw an offensive picture of Kerry, or just say "I will not visit or use this site anymore".

I have seen nice people driven away from projects because of this kind of flamewar, and I just want to prevent this.

To avoid political differences tearing apart the community, KDE has a clear political view: it is non-politic. That means that no political statement should be communicated through KDE. kde-look, however, is not KDE so I am not sure these guidelines apply.

I hope I explained it better this time. And I repeat my request for you to remove it. - Aug 13 2004