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Jose Benaque Mexico City, Mexico

Cliparts by jmming 1 comment

Nice penguin!!! Look like Remy Tux! - Nov 10 2008
Nice! All watermarks are beautiful. Maybe need some text in color. How can I refresh the clock to read every second when apply the '%H:%M:%S' format? - Sep 19 2008

Amarok Themes by dax918 2 comments

Nice style, TY for the info of installation instructions, I'm new in KDE. - Jul 31 2008
Linux OS Didi

Wallpaper Other by sakasa 4 comments

Very, very, very nice. Delicious! TY. - Jul 31 2008
Mint Fresca

Wallpapers Mint by Zwopper 6 comments

Nice, clean y vivid wallpaper. TY. - Jul 03 2008