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Loren Dias
Dark Glass

GnoMenu Skins 4 comments

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Mar 30 2010
I like the look from the screenshot,

Also, could you give a link for that icon - it looks awesome - Mar 30 2010
Windows 7 clone

GnoMenu Skins 22 comments

Score 58.0%
May 07 2009
On a side note it seems for me the icon where the User-Icon flickers when I hover over other buttons... I wonder if this is something others are experiencing also.

~L - Mar 29 2010
Here's my try at constructive criticism + a review.

Overall the looks are perfect and it's easy to navigate the apps I use. It feels good to use your skin, it's very professional and gives my desktop edge.

I'd be happier to rename the Home Folder just "Home" or my username "Cloaky8x"

I personally am editing the themedata.xml trying to edit out the buttons:
- History
- Search
- Help

Also, It would be a nice polishing effect to have "title" tags on hover over Shutdown, Lock, & Additional Settings buttons.

The last thing that's strange and I'd mod out if I knew how is-

The button height expands when there are less options to click on instead of simply placing the buttons at the top of the list - it feels strange ans inconsistent.

Thanks for the plugin :) - Mar 29 2010
Score 70.0%
Apr 02 2010

DockbarX Themes
by M7S

Score 84.0%
Apr 02 2010
Score 58.0%
Mar 29 2010